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Worship Banned In California Churches by Governor

Psalm 34 1I’m not one to wade into politics but today my spirit shudders in fear. Yesterday the California Governor banned singing in church. This has crossed a line and this man’s arrogance and rebellion has reached the very Throne of God. I fear the reprisal of God that this man has invoked. He should be very aware of whom he has insulted.

Now hear me, I am not ignorant of the pandemic nor of the lives lost and those who are ill. But, in California the government has finally gone too far. In the early months of this pandemic, our social distancing was a call to flatten the curve of illness as to not overwhelm our healthcare system. However, this has now morphed into something entirely different. It’s become an ideology that mandates a zero illness/deaths from this disease. This is an impossible goal.

Social distancing and mask wearing have accomplished a manageability of this outbreak. As businesses reopened, we expected an uptick in cases, and our healthcare system is not overrun like we witnessed in New York. And it’s highly unlikely to be overrun in the future. Additionally, our hospitals are now prepared. They have the equipment and supplies and manpower to manage this outbreak.

What I cannot approve, is the closures and the insane guidelines that are now coming from our government. This past week we saw a return of closures of restaurants, wineries, movie theaters, entertainment centers and other businesses for at least three weeks. BUT there was NO move to stop the close proximity of protestors nor the banning of riots. It’s a mad, mad, mad world????

The mask wearing and social distancing and sanitizing in our churches is more than enough. We are NOT going to pass the virus to someone if we are adhering to these precautions. These safety measures are working in our grocery stores and other essential businesses. Now, I realize I’m not a health professional, but I have common sense.

What I cannot rationalize or agree with is that churches are banned from singing but mobs of people are shouting in the faces of law enforcement officers???? This is utter insanity and an agenda pushed from a dark kingdom.

It is a demonic effort to continually change the requirements, which by the way, is occurring weekly here in California. The evil realm is using this Covid Premise to throw all the churches into fear. It’s designed to create confusion and keep the congregants and church leadership spinning. The end game is to destroy their hope to have regular and normal church services and to finally give up until a better time.

I ask; when is there a better time?

OUR TIME IS NOW. We MUST worship our King NOW. We must stand up and say, the push has gone too far. We are people of God and we will not bow to the fear mongering and the control by agendas and doctrines of demons.

What say you, people of God?