Why do they call it Good Friday?

The day Jesus died on the cross was the day I was delivered from death and the wrath of God that I deserve, and every physical ailment, and every affliction of my heart.

When Jesus prayed in the garden, facing his sorrow, facing his great temptation, choosing obedience though it took every ounce of his will, he set me free from mental anguish.  He set an example that I can follow because he lives in me.  Jesus knows my pain. He has suffered more than I ever will.  Anything I could ever worry about or be hurt by, he already knows. He has already provided the solution.

When Jesus stood before Pilate and refused to defend himself, he showed tremendous self-restraint and humility.  When he placed himself in the hands of sinners and refused to escape, refused to even lash out at them, suffering in silence their torment and insults, he empowered me to seek God’s kingdom and will instead of my own preservation.  Because he lives in me, I can turn the other cheek, I can wait on the Lord to repay any wrong.

When Jesus refused to display his power because it was not the Father’s will, he gave me patience to wait on the Lord’s timing.

When Jesus accepted the flogging, the crown of thorns, the blows and the pulling out of his beard, he paid the price for my sins and took my consequences on himself.

By his stripes I was healed.  As he bore every sickness, disease, oppression, and infirmity, he removed the authority of the devil to afflict me.  Pain has no place in me now.

O great love, hung on the cross, blood flowing, nerves screaming, head pounding, struggling for breath, still giving, still thinking of others, still forgiving and loving to your very last breath.  O Jesus, Lamb of God, slain for sinners, slain for me.  Oh great faith, knowing you would be raised again, knowing that everything would be changed by your death.  O  Jesus, tearing the veil that separated me from God, I can never thank you enough for this most excellent Friday.

This Seminar and Prayer At The End!!!!

Freedom Lynn Donovan Ministries
Freedom Is Yours In Christ

Hi friends, Lynn here. I just want to make sure you know that this seminar is powerful. Every time I pray this prayer with someone, something breaks off, they feel the Lord, something happens. 

This Seminar is about generational curses and how the affect us today and HOW WE GET RID OF THEM. It's not too late to register. 

Tell a friend who continues to suffer. Someone who can't get free of habitual sin. Share this post with someone who wants more freedom in Christ Jesus.


In this seminar you can expect:

  • Biblical teaching about curses, bloodline and blood significance
  • Discussion includes, witchcraft & sorcery, sins of the fathers, the spiritual "legal" realm, our rights as the redeemed of Christ. And the power of the blood of the Lamb!
  • You will take an inventory of your life and uncover hidden legal rights the enemy holds against you and your family
  • Gain a prayer model to become free of the oppression
  • PRAY an actual and POWERFUL prayer to see immediate results

This will be a one hour Zoom seminar on June 24, 2021 at 11 am PACIFIC. The live seminar will offer you the most effective portion of our prayer time. However, if you are unable to attend, you will receive the video. All purchasers will receive the video link after the seminar. 

Sign up now. Jesus is on the move and His followers MUST be cleansed and empowered. Hugs, Lynn

$10.00 for the class and this will support the Online Domain Registry. THANK YOU!!


Forgive Me. AND What Is Iniquity Force?

Kingdom Life BibleYa, so last Friday's post was harsh. I didn't mean for the words to come across harsh or accusatory in any way. 


Jezebel is an evil that is brutal and demands blood. However, if I hurt anyone by mentioning abortion, that was not my intention. Please forgive me. Jesus has forgiven a torrent of my past and abortion is under His blood. In fact, it's a joy for me to pray with people and watch Jesus redeem an abortion. If you want to experience that, please email me and let's plan a time to make that happen.

I do want to share some more about Jezebel. But today, I want to talk about Jesus!

Everything about the demonic world stems from iniquity. There is an iniquity force at play in the world right now at a level I haven't seen in my lifetime. And it is iniquity that opposes Jesus. 

What is iniquity anyway? Well, the simplest way to explain it is: SELF 

Self-interest, self-desires, self-indulgence, self-driven. It is the sin of self. This is the very sin that cast satan from the Kingdom of Yahweh.  In the word the 7 - I WILL's are the essence of iniquity:

Isaiah 14:13-14  For you [Lucifer] have said in your heart:

  1. I will ascend into heaven, 
  2. I will exalt my throne above the stars of God; 
  3. I will also sit on the mount of the congregation In the sides of the north;
  4. I will ascend above the heights of the clouds, 
  5. I will be like the Most High.

Anton LaVey, the author of the satanic bible, also propagates a life of self. He died alone, destroyed all of his marriages, relationships and now I imagine is impounded in the worst circle of hell.

So what is iniquity? It is a force that feeds the demonic realm. It is rebellion, lawlessness, sexual sin, violence and all forms of the occult. It opposes all that Yahwey is. Twice the Lord has shown me what iniquity looks like in the spiritual realm. It's a thick inky blackness that consumes all it touches. It blackouts minds, hearts and destroys everything. 

I saw iniquity one night as I prayed. The Lord showed me a picture of my husband in the other room watching television. After hours of watching, which is common, the black inky substance began to leak out of the bottom of the screen. It's slowly moved toward my husband who watch the images, in mindless control, on the set. As it moved, it began to cover my husband with a warmth of seductions. It grew hands and arms and began to massage him. It was subtly coving him with perversion and deceit.

Ugh. Gulp.


Ugly. This is why I take such a position about screens and time on the screens. They are portals that will allow a darkness you can't see but is very real.

Okay, I need to end here. Next post, I'll share about the other time I saw iniquity and the implication. AND I'll also share how iniquity is defeated. I'll give you a hint: Jesus.

Okay, Thoughts? See you in the comments.

Who Is Our Enemy? Let's Start With Jezebal

Who Is Our Enemy?

We have a very real enemy. Those of you who are regular readers here at are well aware that we face not flesh and blood but an unseen realm. And that realm is very real. It’s always active with entities good and bad.

Over the next several weeks, I will be traveling so my posts my be spotty until the end of May. However, I want to begin to share some insights into the spirits that we face. I plan to post about Jezebel, mind-bending spirits, sexual spirits, lying spirits, Pharmacia, and others that I’ve dealt with in my life or the lives of those for whom I pray.

Today at the prompting of Martha, we are going to examine Jezebel. And my friends, this is a wicked and cunning operator.

John Ramirez, ex-Satanist and “son of Satan”, says clearly that “Jezebel” is a name indicating a high-level Satanic principality. Not a human person, though named after a human person and its underlings have a goal to manipulate, control and destroy.

We know from the book of 1 Kings. Jezebel was a real woman who was born a princess of the Phoenician empire. A land that worshiped Baal, a Demonic power (god), who requires blood. I found a disturbing depiction of this worship and I’m going to share it because sometimes we need to be shocked into reality about what is really going on in this world:

Baal worship consisted of melting screaming children alive in the arms of a huge bull/man statue with a bon fire raging. You then take the ashes and put it into the foundation of your house. This way you will be granted with blessings to come for your family to come. That was the belief. This is actually just like modern abortion. Kill your first born so you can work at a cubicle for another 3 years to save up a bit more money and be in better financial shape for your family to come. We certainly are in the age of Jezebel and her Spirit. 

Ya, tough to read but it rings true to me.

The spirit of Jezebel is all about CONTROL, MANIPULATION, FEAR, INTIMIDATION and WITCHCRAFT. At the root of all of this is devil worship. And you nearly always need an Ahab who is the figurehead of power but is covertly or manipulated by a controlling Jezebel. This spirit likes to partner with a religious spirit within the churches as well. 

Don’t think for a minute that believers aren’t susceptible to this spirit. I often find this operator very active within church walls, in marriages by men and women. It's not just a woman controlling spirit. It can manifest equally in either sex. Some of the testimonies I’ve read about this spirit’s operation comes from spouses of pastors. Truly chilling.

Okay, I think this is enough for today. But I have much more to share about this evil one and how to identify it in operation and how we defeat it in the name of Jesus.

Look back over your life. At work, at church, in any organization and look for someone who is charismatic, charming, someone who will fill a leadership vacuum every time one arises, and will not receive any correction or allow any voice of descent.

Want to share with me today? Let’s chat in the comments about what you saw and what you did? Love you. Stay strong in the Lord. He defeats this controlling spirit. Hugs, Lynn

Tired of Churchianity?

Kingdom Life BibleMy Beloved Son and Daughter,

I have heard the deep longing of your heart. You have been faithful and true and yet have dared to ask the questions that many have feared to ask. In the depths of your soul you have asked yourself, “Where is the God of miracles? Where is the power and authority Jesus modeled to the disciples? Why don’t we see the miraculous today?”

I have heard your heart’s cry and it is time. You were born for such a time as this to step into the Living Word of God. I’m calling my church out of lethargy, out of fear and into sonship. I am calling you to step into your supernatural destiny. My church has tarried long enough in the trenches of powerless faith. My Beloved, you have been held back from an encounter with Me and today I’m calling you into freedom.

My children have been shackled by powerless living and left with little answers to difficult problems. You have agonized over your own children struggling with porn, a son who turned from his faith to heroin, your daughter who attended church all of her life and is now lost in a world of self-doubt, addictions and fear.

My Beloved son and daughter, I AM the answer. My Word has always held the truth, power and answers to all of your struggles and every one of the world’s problems today. I ask you today, my Beloved, step out of the old and dare to discover that you can walk in miracles. You can bring freedom to your children. You are commissioned to rise and walk in the calling of my Son, Jesus.

~Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these.— John 14:12

If you are hungry for more of God, are bored with powerless and Christianity, are longing to experience the powerful answering of prayers, and you are desperate to watch God move in the difficult problems of your life, this journey is specifically for you.

Encounter God’s unfailing love, faithfulness, power and promises and live in the supernatural lifestyle intended for His sons and daughters.