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Are You Still Practicing Wicca?

MCSM 2 5 4 2021Hi My Family in the Kingdom of God,

I have a story for you today. It’s a story that is 20 years in the making. It begins with my sister’s daughter, my niece, who is 20 years old. It includes my newest book that launches tomorrow. And it is a fantastic ending. But I’m ahead of myself.

So much to tell. Where do I start?

“So, are you still practicing wicca?” I asked my niece as we sat in the family room of my mother’s condo. Stunned she replied, “I haven’t practiced wicca.”

“Well, then are you still tinkering with it?” You see when she was in middle school and early high school, when she was messing around with this stuff. I had my suspicions because of her jewelry and other signs. I also perceived in the spirit.

You should know that I’m not close with my sister and her family. I see them perhaps once a year. However, there I was sitting with this young woman, and I cared. I cared deeply about her life, her future and her past. I care about her eternity. I love her. Truly.

“No, I’m not doing that but there was a time I was interested, and I did a lot of research.”

“Well, are still lighting candles and such?”

‘No, Aunt Lynn.” See grins sheepishly, surprised I knew what I knew.

So a conversation ensued where I told her there was only two kingdoms – ONLY TWO. The Kingdom of God and the kingdom of darkness.

We spoke about our family history and all the curses upon our bloodlines. And then we began to talk about what she knew about the spiritual realm. We discovered that she is highly gifted. No wonder she was curious about the spiritual.

I picked up my new book and asked her to read the chapter where I describe spiritual gifts. I waited and felt the presence of God.


Stay tuned tomorrow. And my friends, order your copy tomorrow. TOMORROW IS LAUNCH DAY!

This story is fantastic. See you tomorrow.

Excerpt: Marching Around Jericho

Excerpt: Chapter One. Book release Early 2020

Marching Around Jericho Cover 3DTruth March

Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free. —John 8:32

Our journey around Jericho is a truth march.

We will battle for territory through awareness. You can expect intense warfare but as Children of God, we are fully equipped for each victory. The majority of my march consisted of displacing deceptive mindsets and learning and living in Biblical truth and awareness. Seventy five percent of spiritual warfare is awareness. The remaining 25%, well, that is faith and prayer. We will battle through false belief systems, doubt, apathy, fear, and mostly a false identity. However, our greatest triumphs will be cheered by all of heaven each time we step out of a lie and become fully aware of God’s truth, His whole truth.

Now as we prepare to march my fellow comrades, allow me to equip you with a brand new, warrior’s tool belt, named The Belt of TRUTH (Ephesians 6:14). You will add tools to your belt throughout our march, depend upon it, and then build a marriage and your faith with the tools you gained.

The first truth to place at the center of your warrior belt is this: God loves you. He adores you. And you are His favorite! God is proud of you. He’s longs to spend every moment of every day with you. He is desperate for you to experience His goodness and to live in continual communication and awareness of His Presence in your life.

Truth number two: You are forgiven. The circumstances that brought about your marriage to an unbeliever are irrelevant to God. If you have asked the Lord’s forgiveness even just once, He forgave you. IT IS FINISHED! (John 19:30) You are fully forgiven and living under the covering of Christ Jesus. You are entitled to God’s love and favor upon your life and specifically your mismatched marriage. God doesn’t hold grudges and He will never condemn you with guilt because of your past mistakes. So, if you are struggling in this area of your faith, if you have received ridicule by a pastor or other church members because you married an unbeliever, this is your freedom day. Hallelujah!

Forgive them. Forgive yourself. Release all words of condemnation to the Lord. Pray and ask the Lord to remove all shame and guilt because those are a ruse of the deceiver. Your inheritance as a child of God is a thriving faith-life and marriage.

Truth number Three: God has decreed a divine purpose and destiny for your life and marriage. Each and every one of your Kingdom missions, assignments, purpose, and your current season of life, were recorded in your book before time began (Psalm 139:16). They are God given dreams, hopes, possibilities and mandates that are waiting fulfillment. You are not disqualified because of your marital status, your gender, your age or your socio-economic limitations, etc., etc.

Hear me clearly. God doesn’t call the qualified. He qualifies the called. We are the called. You and I are designated to be the love and voice of Jesus to a man or woman with whom you share life. We are created for a high and holy purpose. We are more than a conqueror (Romans 8:37). We have the power of life in our tongues and the demons are terrified. THIS is our truth.

Truth number four: Our inheritance is now. Our inheritance doesn’t begin when we pass into heaven. Freedom from fear is now. Kingdom living is now. God is releasing gifts, talents, and abilities, presents, awards, and favor along with adventures and fulfillment of dreams to those who hunger and thirst for more of His Kingdom. The Jericho March is much more than the salvation of one person. It’s our calling to search out and learn to walk in everything that God desires for our life. He is incredibly anxious for us to uncover His Kingdom benefits and to become the powerful children of God He knows that we are.