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The Secrets of Leviticus

Kingdom Life BibleThe Secrets of Leviticus

Seriously!!!  Leviticus.

Gang, sometimes I can’t hardly wait to wake up and open my Bible and read the Old Testament because I’m learning from those ancient, brilliant, books more right now than in the last twenty years.


Let me ask you a question. Have you ever heard of a Salt Covenant?


Me either! (DANGIT)

But I’ve read the Bible for years. So have you. Why is this a mystery and it’s such a powerful covenant and we have been robbed of this gift for generations. Grrrrrrr. That makes me so mad at the devil. Grrrrr and double grrrrr.

Okay, open up the Word. Seriously, you MUST read out of a paper Bible. 

Turn to Leviticus 2:13 

Season all your grain offerings with salt. Do not leave the salt of the covenant of your God out of your grain offerings; add salt to all your offerings. NIV

Right here in the middle of the Torah is a powerfully important covenant. And if you remember the LORD has instructed me to ask Him questions when I don’t understand something.

So, “Father, what is a salt covenant?”

I pulled out a new Bible that I purchased over a year ago, One New Man Bible. This is a translation from the original Hebrew, Greek and contains many, many notes about the cultural norms as well as how the Hebrew would render a passage.

I looked up this passage and found the original Hebrew translated this passage as: And you will season with salt every offering of your grain offering. Neither will you permit the salt of the covenant of your God to be lacking from your grain offering; with all your offerings you will offer salt.

Okay, this follows a verse that will punch you in the face about First Fruits. (I also talk about this in the Intimacy Seminar.)

But back to the Covenant of Salt.

I think I may offer an entire series on the covenants. Covenants are powerfully meaningful to God. I mean it!!!! Covenants are the highest promises. There are conditional and unconditional covenants. A Salt Covenant is conditional.

I looked up the Salt Covenant in my new Bible and it’s rendered like this:

I shall cut a covenant of salt with you.

Gang, to hear the LORD speak these words. They come with power, force, reckoning, responsibility and with purpose.


Okay, friends, salt is mention many times in the Word and even Jesus speaks about the importance of salt. He was well aware of the salt covenant during His ministry on earth.



So, as I sat pondering and asking God what is a Salt Covenant, I realized salt is portrayed as a preservative. It extends life.

This covenant is a covenant of longevity.

So, I sat in awe as the Lord revealed to me that this is a Covenant that remains available to believers today. Wow.

And then a thought and a question formed in my mind and this is what I asked of Father…….

........To Be Continued following Easter.....

On Friday, I'm offering a video about the crucifiction. You will see Good Friday with new eyes. 

Then on the following Friday, let's learn more about the covenant of Salt. Une in because the story becomes crazy, wild, fun and astonishing from here.

Love you all. March toward our King and LIVE the Kingdom life. Hugs, Lynn


Kingdom Life BibleWhat can I learn from the book of Numbers of the Old Testament or Torah?

Many of you know that I read through the Bible every year using a Daily NLT Bible. This Bible offers a reading plan daily of a portion of the OT, NT, Psalm, and Proverbs.

Okay, I’ll be vulnerable here. I’ll admit that in years past, I’d open up the Word, skip the books of Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy and jump right into the New Testament and read the Gospels. I love the Gospels. I never tire of reading about Jesus.

BUT…. THIS YEAR I’m mind-blown by what Yahweh is revealing to me in the book of Numbers.



I believe that my difficult trials in January and February gained a reward that I'm now receiving in March. Father, is speaking to me about things I’ve never known before. AND THEY ARE IMPORTANT. And fascinating.

I’m going to share a few with you here and a fantastic story in the Zoom meeting on Thursday. (If you missed it, you can still register and I'll send you the link to the teaching, click here.)

Let read this passage in the Old Testament: Numbers 19:1-10

Get your Bible out. You really need to read this and see it on paper. Trust me.

Did you read it?

In recent weeks the LORD began each morning with this:  “Lynn, what don’t you understand?" This is what He would ask me after I read my Bible.

Then He said, “Ask Me questions.”

That alone blows my mind. But, hey!  COOL!!!

The first part of the passage didn’t really cause me to ponder, but I guess there are questions in the first part that I could unpack such as: Why the RED heifer? And why the specific instructions to burn all the various parts?    hmmmm

But when I reached verse six, I stopped and stayed there: And the priest shall take cedarwood and hyssop and scarlet yarn, and throw them into the fire burning the heifer. Numbers 19:6

I asked this, “Father, what is the significance of the cedarwood? What does the hyssop mean to You? And the scarlet?”

Now, let me ask you this, do you know? Why would our God of all the universe, tell the priest to throw these things in the fire and create ash that the people will later use in a purification ceremony? Perhaps, you are like, duh, Lynn, I know this already. But, I didn’t understand.

So, this is where it gets fun. I heard Father say to me, “Pause here and ponder.” I waited, read the passage again and continued to ask Him to explain this verse to me. Then He told me to retrieve my phone and search cedarwood. So I searched these two things cedarwood and hyssop.

Well all of you who are essential oil people  probably know there are properties in the cedarwood. But this is what God told me, “The cedarwood represents long life. The hyssop is called the oil of gladness and it is an ancient herbal medicine. It is for healing.”

Then the Lord supplied a holy download. “The burning of the cedarwood is a property in nature that I gave to my people. It’s a restorative property. It is life-giving and represents the best health and long life that is a covenant with my people in that time period. The hyssop carries a healing component and it offers healing as a gift to my people.” Okay, it wasn’t word-for-word but a word of knowledge, or a knowing that I receive.

Then I heard this scripture: His divine power hath given unto us all things that pertain unto life and godliness, through the knowledge of Him that hath called us to glory and virtue. 2 Peter 1:3

Then the Lord spoke to me, “Lynn, I’ve created a world that has everything you need for life, health, and holiness. And I delight to show you the secrets of the Kingdom.”

Whoa. Just WHOA!!!!

Then He told me to get my laptop out and share with all of you.

Who knew?  I mean really.


As as side note: I might have ordered some cedarwood for my home and perhaps a diffuser and hyssop oil. God knows what He is doing. I’m partnering with Him for life, health and holiness.

Next time: I can’t wait to tell you about a Covenant that is available that very few Christians know about. And God also showed this to me in the book of ---now get this, LEVITICUS…

I hear ya, NO WAY.

And this is a crazy wild story. See you next time. Marching toward heaven, Love, Lynn

The Missing Ingredient To Answered Prayer

Psalm 27 13 lynndonovan comHey Kingdom People!

This morning I sat with the Lord and He told me, “Lynn, get up and dance with Me.”

That's weird. This hasn't happened before????

I rose and slow danced, like a waltz in the arms of Jesus. Then the Father stepped in and I wrapped my arms about His neck and rocked back and forth like a small girl standing on her dad’s feet, wobbling to-and-fro. Then the Holy Spirt swirled in and wrapped around us. All four of us, Father, Son and Spirit and me were dancing in my prayer room, all at the same time.

This is intimacy my friends. This is where we step into the divine and have the ear of God.

It' might make you uncomfortable to read this and even more uncomfortable to think about dancing with God yourself. I know one thing, the Kingdom will make you uncomfortable before you are led into joy and Shalom.

What I find is that most of us won’t pursue God to this point of uncomfortable. Then we wonder why He doesn’t hear our prayers.


Most of you are aware that I have a prayer ministry (Healing prayer, click here for appointment) and a significant portion of a prayer session is dedicated to establishing intimacy between my prayee and Jesus. Just accomplishing an intimacy connection will take up to an hour because there is so much blocking trust, love, and intimacy.

I can’t express enough that connection and intimacy births answered prayer. My friends, I’m not talking at you. Truly! I’m speaking to myself.

In the last two months the devil has thrown everything he had at me. Circumstances in my 3-D existence on earth drew me out of intimacy into the realm of merely surviving the onslaught of demonic attack. I had to FIGHT to return to the place of light and joy. I didn’t know for a tiny bit if I would make it.

But yesterday, I stepped fully back into the place of intimacy and joy. I phoned my mom, “Mom, the world is a place of light and joy.”

I know many of you are walking through tremendous suffering. It’s truly a satanic, witchcraft assault upon believers and especially any who serve the Kingdom in any capacity. Let me be a voice to say, “Cling to the fringe of His robe.”

That’s what my 81-year-old mom said to me for weeks. (I love my mom’s faith.)

I’m so glad she did.

And now, I’ll say it to you, “Cling to the fringe of His robe.” He will not leave you, nor forsake you. And you will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.

I remain confident of this: I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. —PSALM 27:13

Question: Would you be interested in attending a Zoom seminar where I teach several tools and techniques to establish intimacy and learn to perceive His voice? $25 for a 1-2 hours Zoom session. Would this be worth it?

Let me know in the comments.

My friends, as long as there are believers on this planet, IT IS a place of light and joy. I promise. I love you, Lynn

Pray Violently. This is How!

Oil lamp Bible LD MinistriesWarriors of the Kingdom,

I know I’ve been writing about the trinity and healing through Jesus, and I will come back to that topic but as with all my writing throughout the years, if God places something on my heart, something I’m learning or revelation, I’m going to share it. That is what He told me to do over 15 years ago when I began this adventure.

Today, I feel the Lord calling His people to violent prayer!

Say what??? Is that even a thing? I thought God was peaceful, that we are peaceful, as a people of faith. Indeed, God is peace and we are learning to live and operate out of peace and rest. However, we live in a natural world that is anything but peaceful.

And there are times and seasons when a violent prayer is the exact correct practice.

So, what is violent prayer? Well, there are moments when you are praying to become free from a demonic stronghold = violent prayer.

Petitioning the Lord for a desperate intervention = violent prayer.

Praying and coming against a principality = violent prayer.

I feel the Lord calling every. single. believer. Right now, to pray with a violent force to free America and the world from the lawlessness and hatred that is ravaging our communities. I know the Lord is calling us to pray with everything that we possess against the witchcraft that is being planned for October, aimed at our US government, the churches, pastors and families. Truly!

Let’s read a fascinating passage about violence and the Kingdom of God.

And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffers violence, and the violent take it by force. ─ Matthew 11:13 NKJV

This passage is in actually translated by expanding the Greek and Hebrew as this: It’s as a city under siege. Which in Biblical times, was a very real threat and common in antiquity. The people laid siege to first John the Baptist and then they sought after Jesus, as a city under siege.

They pursued these two men with eagerness, impetuous zeal. We are these people. People who are grasping the kingdom of heaven--i.e., its peace, and pardon, and blessedness--with as much eagerness as men of the ancient world would snatch and carry off as their own the spoil of a conquered city. There is no thought of hostile purpose in the words.

These are crazy people who will not stop until they fully experience the Kingdom of God and the Words that Jesus spoke.

My friends, there are moments when we MUST rise up and pray with violence. We MUST be the watchmen on the wall to protect our nation(s), to stand for morality, to pray down interventions from heaven. We must pray like we mean it, like we are going to storm the gates of hell itself unless the hand of God moves with might and power.

A violent pray is a prayer of zeal and passion. It is spoken with absolutely, unwavering faith that God hears and WILL answer. It is a petition that will not be allowed to fall short of reaching the Throne Room. The violent are the warriors of the Kingdom who pray with full conviction and then stand in absolute faith and belief that God will move.


We are within the 10-day period from Rosh Hashanah to Yom Kippur. Pray with passion and conviction for the Kingdom of God to advance in this world. Pray that witchcraft is annihilated and that powers of darkness are destroyed by the light of heaven. Pray for our children, our future, pray for the government of Jesus Christ to be ushered in, of which there shall be no end.

Take your violent prayers to the King! Just as they rushed Jesus upon this earth, let us rush the Throne of Grace where we will receive grace and mercy in our time of need.

Father, in the Mighty name of Jesus, we, your people, arise and stand in full faith and belief that you will destroy the destroyer and his minions who are bent on lawlessness and chaos determined for our land. We forbid them any inroads, Lord. The devils must stand down. We determine now to defeat the demonic by swinging our sword of the Word. We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.

We determine that Your rule is just and perfect and we usher the Kingdom of Jesus Christ into our land, our communities, families and into our churches. We arise with faith and call forth legions upon legions of the angelic to lop off heads of the demons, demolish government strongholds of darkness, free the children and women who are imprisoned, release the multitudes from illness and free the minds veiled in distortions and darkness.

WE RELEASE YOUR LOVE AND YOUR LIGHT. Father, we gather in the millions to declare YOU are good and have goodness for this world. We stand as a witness to every word in your Bible. We affirm that Your words will come to pass in this era.

We declare our love for You and for humanity. We declare Jesus Christ is our Lord and ruler over this world. We declare your purposes shall be accomplished in our lifetime. We offer you all of our affection, love, commitment, and faith. In Your Son’s name, Jesus, we pray. AMEN

God Moves Upon our Prayers

Oil lamp Bible LD MinistriesAmbassadors of the Kingdom of the Most High,

Well a number of you left your prayer requests in the comments last week. I will tell you this. God, the Ancient of Days, the Lord of All, and His Son Jesus have read each word. I’ve asked on your behalf that your words are taken by angels and laid on the scales in heaven in His holy Courts to swing justice and mercy toward your heart’s desire.

The Father loves you. He is with you. He will never leave you. He is in you and all around you. And your concerns, hopes and dreams are NOT insignificant or unimportant. I’m praying along side of you. That you will watch God move on your words and you will absolutely be assured that you are walking your your highest a best life.

As for my Rosh Hashanah requests, well one was for a break in the weather, the endless heat wave and relief from the fires. Today, is cooler and a cooling trend is forth coming. If you read MAJ, I had another prayer session for the weather like I described in the book. I see many of us now taking upon this area of legislating for the Lord on earth. I envision the Lord calling you to step onto a Throne of authority and displacing the devils and then releasing the Lord’s favor and purposes forward for you and others. Truly, I know this is ahead for Kingdom people.

I also will tell you that two significant things happened. First there was a sizable earth quake in California over the weekend. Hmmmmm, interesting. The shakin’ is a commin’ but not for Kingdom people.

Also, I’ve been praying a lot about our government, our judiciary and our presidential election. I find it interesting that there is an opening on our Supreme Court that occurred, also over the weekend.

It’s time to learn to pray violently. We MUST and NOW!

So next Monday, join me here as we uncover violent prayers.

Keep marching and KNOW who you are and whose you are. Hugs, Lynn