Easter and Audio Book

Hello Friends,

Spiritual Enforcer

We are about to embark on the week of Easter. I feel especially move this year by the significance of the blood of Jesus. It's by His overcoming death that we walk in power and authority to cast out demons, heal the sick, cleanse the leppers (cleanse cancer) and raise the dead. Matthew 10:8

Everything, EVERYTHING, is because of the atonement. Hallelujah. 

All the power and authority that I write about in Spiritual Enforcer, is because of Easter. Gang, keep reading. People are emailing me and are finding victory and help in their faith walk because of the book. 

AND the audio version is now ready for those of you who are really busy. Purchase from Audible, Apple books, and Amazon. Take a listen here. 

Stand strong because we have the authority to March the Kingdom of God forward. AMEN

Blessings and hugs, Lynn

Binding the Mind Scrambling Spirit

1 med Res Enforcer Front CoverHey Everyone,

Today's a good post. It's a lot to take in but it's powerful to gain wisdom and understanding regarding our enemy.

Recently I've been listening to some audio books written by deliverance ministers and an interesting section was covered regarding unbelievers. It's a mind scrambling spirit.

I'll share some of my limited understanding about this beast and a prayer to pray for the unsaved in your life.

The mind scrambling spirit is a form of mind control, which is rooted in witchcraft. All control and manipulation are rooted in witchcraft. The scrambling spirit sits atop a person's head. In the spirit realm, people who see, describe this spirit to look like a small octopus whose tentacles reach down through the ears and eyes into the brain. WOW! 

I know!!

This spirit scrambles the thoughts of those it has access, thereby they are unable to process the words of life coherently and with understanding. This is why you can share God, scripture and testimonies with people and they remain unchanged. The individual will hear you and even repeat back what you said, but the truth becomes scrambled in their minds and hearts. They are unable to receive truth. 


However!!!  With Jesus, all things are possible, even for the darkest of those under mind control. I discovered a simple prayer to pray for those who live within our love, stewardship and jurisdiction. Pray the Armor prayer first, daily. I shared that last week.

Then pray this:

Father, in the name of Jesus,

I bind the demonic scrambler who is scrambling the thoughts in (insert name).

You demons binding (insert name) I take authority over you in the name of Jesus Christ, my Lord. I bind you in the name of Jesus. You cannot afflict (insert name) today. My house is committed to the Lord and is holy ground.  You are a trespasser and may not function here.  I bind you and command you to leave in the name of Jesus. 

At some point you may need to bind and rebuke the demon directly. This is prayer of persistence. One of our greatest spiritual disciplines is perseverance. Pray this in faith until breakthrough, no matter how long it takes. In Jesus name.

The next post is about standing in the gap for others. It's good also. Okay, I really need to hear from you. Is this the kind of content that will help you? Please talk to me in the comments. 

Love and blessings, Lynn

Spiritual Warfare To Win

FB Effective Warfare Lynn DonovanHi Kingdom Warriors. Lynn Donovan here.

THIS IS THE MONTH. The book I was destined to write. Although this book is aimed to assist those who are married to an unbeliever, this book applies to our spiritual warfare in general. 

This book is for serious and mature believers. It is widely available on February 17, 2024. The teaching is built upon the principles that I covered in Marching Around Jericho. Most of you who are regular readers here on this blog have read that book and stand on the foundational pillars.

But I thought it would be good to review them again as we lead up to the launch of Spiritual Enforcer. 

Nicole and LuAnn of Spiritually Unequal Marriage will be leading a study of this content on our SUM FB Page and SUM Sisters Group. Check in there if you want to see how others are working through this study.

Today let’s talk about a foundational pillar that is a MUST have in order for effective warfare. In the book, Spiritual Enforcer, I share a significant amount of information regarding the demonic. This is who we are battling.

Today, let’s establish the Pillar of Intimacy with God. And we tackle the GREAT question: Is God Good? And if God is good why does bad things happen to good people?

Download PDF Field Guide → Goodness of God

Partner With the Holy Spirit

Hi Everyone,

Well FINALLY! After three years of waiting, the downloads for my next book began arriving last week. If you are interesting tin the gifts of the Spirit, then this book is for you. I can't wait to spend time writing.

I'm also speaking this weekend at my church's women's retreat. I can't wait as I'm teaching about one of my favorite topics, our authority in Christ.

So, I remain busy. But I started to think about what teaching do I have on video that I can share here. And actually, there is a lot. So today, I'm sharing another video teaching from my archives. I pray it blesses you. 

Pray for our retreat. I'll be speaking on Friday morning, September 30th. Also remember Rosh Hashana is next Monday. New beginnings. Believe and receive. In Jesus name. Love you, Lynn


Miracle Salvations, Impossible Salvations, Supernatural Salvations

On Wednesday, August 3rd at 3 pm, I'm going to share a salvation story that happened in my own living room. This story has a component of the supernatural and Holy Spirit. And what appeared to be a person totally against faith.

You will want to tune in and hear this story. Because my testimony opens the door for the salvation of those you think are impossible.

I can't wait. 

You can find the broadcast at Spiritually Unequal Marriage Facebook Page, Group, and on the YouTube page.

We are going to laugh, cry, live in awe and praise our Lord Jesus. See you then. Hugs, Lynn