Spiritual Warfare

How Did We Arrive Here????

Seek Truth SeriesHow Did We Arrive Here?

Kingdom Warriors. How did we arrive talking about the prophets of Baal, the Mainstream News Outlets and MK Ultra?


Great question. I’m glad you asked.

My meandering road into understanding came out of my desire to help bring freedom in Jesus to those who are severely traumatized and wounded. Many of you know I have a prayer ministry that the Lord Jesus placed upon me. I’m compelled by love to serve and help others find the freedom that I finally found in my life.

During my exploration of healing of the soul, I found myself stepping into an area I never thought I would. Nor did I even know about. I began to study about survivors of Satanic Ritual Abuse. This is not a study for the faint of heart. It’s truly horrific.

But I needed to learn enough to start praying with survivors. And indeed, I have prayed with survivors and they are finding healing and freedom in Jesus. But one of the most common practices in SRA is mind control and mind programming.

THAT is how I began to study how all this began.

What I’ve come to understand is that it’s impossible to separate our Faith from other areas. We tend to isolate our faith life and keep it separate from politics, our employment, our shopping, etc. But ultimately EVERYTHING is all tied together.


All of our experience in the various realms of our society (media, government, education, economy, family, religion, and arts and entertainment, all of it is under siege from satan. There is a war to control every area of our society. Thusly, as believers who pray, and ask for God’s hand to move in our faith life, we must also pray about every area of society.

Why? Because we are at war. And EVERYTHING is intertwined.

The questions I began to ask is why, SRA programming? Why were they doing this to people. And the cursory answer is CONTROL. The devil wants control. And he is involved in every area, including and especially within the church.

We cannot segregate our faith from our culture. That is what the church did for the last 50 years and now we are in a real mess.

However, even if the church was anemic or unaware of the progression of the Assembly of Satan (Revelation 3:9), our Father is NOT. In fact, I’m utterly convinced we will see His sovereign hand move quickly and with utter power and glory.

God has been meticulously setting into place the pieces to expose this wicked satanic assembly. AND we the church, we are privileged to pray it forward. Hang on to what you have. Because the Lord, God, Almighty is about to ROAR! His Kingdom and His son, Jesus, whom we celebrate this month, is not unaware, nor asleep.

God is releasing His people to pray. People to bring healing. People to tear down the satanic assembly. I for one, am like a small child sitting on the edge of my seat bouncing up and down. I am a real-time spectator and participant in one of the most spectacular moves of God.

In the next several days let’s pray the Kingdom of Heaven to come to earth. Pray protection, truth to be known and for the angelic armies to be empowered to Victory.

I’m not sure where my next teaching will go, but thank you for tagging along for this ride. Remember, I told you that you will be challenged. But don’t be afraid. The Lord, God is with us. He is all we need.


Have a blessed day and PRAY HARD! Lynn

Halloween High Wickedness Is On Hand

Full MoonFor nearly three months the Lord has pressed upon me the urgency to pray against the witchcraft that will be unleashed on October, 31st this year.

This particular Halloween arrives with a full moon and on a Saturday evening. It is ripe for massive participation by covens and satanists worldwide. I’m not sure how much Christians understand about this night, but it is wickedness personified.

The blood rituals and satanic sacrifices will be employed for a number of reasons. But this particular night witchcraft will be aimed to create chaos in the Presidential election. The plans and purposes are also to release a greater spirit of rebellion, chaos, division and hatred. Demonic forces and satan, himself, feeds of the emotional misery of people and animals.

My friends, let me tell you about Jesus. Satan shudders when he even thinks about Jesus. He shudders and backs down when he looks at us and sees Christ in us. He is power -LESS against the Saints and their prayers of protection and supplication.

Decide today to join the prayer movement to cancel this planned evil. If you are able, stay up and pray through the night. The evil is especially high at 3 am. Pray every day leading up to Halloween and up to the election.

I don’t know where these prayer prompts came from, but they are excellent. Begin to pray in this order every.single.day. Thank you, Lynn

  1. Decree that Heaven's righteousness and justice will now reign over our nation, its people, our governments, and all its agencies.
  1. Ask the Lord to pull out his sword of justice and execute his vengeance on the enemy now at work in our nation.
  1. Pray that evil will be exposed. This includes the discerning of specific demonic spirits at work but also the evil plans of men, government's, and human agencies and agents.
  1. Rebuke the evil spirits at work: anarchy, division, hatred, all that God reveals, and bind them through the authority God has given us in Luke 10:19. Command these spirits to be silent.
  1. Command in the name of Jesus the spirits of darkness to be disconnected from The souls of men. Declare the demonic spiritual attachments to their souls will be cut. Decree the evil command structure be taken out. They will no longer have authority and power over the souls and minds of the people they have been governing.
  1. Decree that every evil spirit released through witchcraft be immediately bound and taken to the pit so their work is not carried out. Ask the Lord to release his angelic hosts to bring about the opposite of what the witchcraft loosed or bound.
  1. Decree the supremacy of Jesus over the spirit of Jezebel in America ("the Lord rebuke you"). What has been loosed through the witchcraft to be thrown down in our nation's capital and across our nation.

Jesus, Our Healer - Part I

Kingdom LifeJesus, our healer

Right now we are discovering the many aspects of Kingdom life and specifically looking at the Trinity. Today, we are going to try to unpack healing. Tackling this topic of Jesus, as the healer is actually complex. And there are many different aspects and components that go into healing. But what I do know for certain is that Jesus heals. And His primary ministry was that of healing.

Healing can mean many different things to different people. I want to take a look at what the Word teaches about physical healing. And I want to confront some ideologies that keep people from their healing. I’ll admit that I don’t know everything about Kingdom healing, but I know enough to pray for healing over myself and receive it and I pray for others for their healing.

I think the first thing we need to confront is the Spirit of Unbelief. We must embrace what the Word and Jesus models about healing of the physical body. Let’s begin at the beginning.

“If you diligently heed the voice of the Lord your God and do what is right in His sight, give ear to His commandments and keep all His statutes, I will put none of the diseases on you which I have brought on the Egyptians. For I am the Lord who heals you.” —Exodus 15:26

Healing was made available from our Father God. I love this passage in Exodus. And God has never changed. He desires, and hear me now, greatly desires to heal. Heal people, animals, nature, and heal hearts, souls, minds and all things that are misfunctioning or broken.

What I love is that Jesus demonstrates and provides and example for us to follow. What is interesting is that Jesus doesn’t use a formula and His healings occur differently. This is reflective of His total dependence and intimacy with the Father. Who is the ultimate healer.

So how do we access the healing of Jesus through the Holy Spirit. How do we engage the spiritual realm and healing angels to bring about physical healing? I think I want to unpack or share what I know and understand with the hope that it develops other’s faith for healing. So, let’s start with the different aspects of healing.

Illness in the body occurs due to a number of issues. Today, I want to focus on the spiritual component of illness. I’ll share a personal experience to help give a perspective. My Grandmother was terribly crippled in her hands, in her golden years, by painful arthritis. Interestingly, it skipped my mother but about two years ago, I began to feel pain in my joints in my hands. In fact, I went to the doctor and he confirmed early onset of arthritis and that there is basically nothing he can do to prevent it. 

Well, I can tell you I absolutely WOULD NOT settle for that answer. I began to pray with all the authority I possess and with BELIEF that this infirmity that my grandmother agreed with, WAS NOT MINE. I refused it. I commanded it away. I applied the blood. I broke all illegal agreements with the demonic realm over this illness and blessed my hands daily with health and healing. IN JESUS NAME. Always, in my Savior’s name.

Do you know today that my hands are pain free and what damage that had been done by the swelling, now has reversed?

This is why. 1) I believed. Simple and undoubting faith made a way. 2) I commanded the devil to leave me, my hands, and to destroy all legal grounds he was holding within my family bloodline. 3) I blessed my hands with health and healing. I blessed and continue to bless my body with divine health. 4) I told the spiritual realm that Jesus is my healer and He ALREADY paid the price, and it was very costly, for my complete healing, thus it was going to happen. I did not relent until I began to see changes weeks even months later 5) I thank. I continually, even now, give thanks to Jesus for healing my hands from arthritis. After all, I still have a bunch of writing to do in the years ahead and I need my hands to be pain-free.

I would also quote verses of healing to the devil. I would listen to healing scriptures at night before bed. I still do that often. I looked up every verse in the Bible about healing and I would claim them as mine.

Okay, so this is one aspect of healing where I had to confront the demonic who was creating this infirmity. We will discuss others in the days ahead.

What is your story? Have you been healed by the Healer? How? Share and give Him honor. See you in the comments. I love you Warrior! March on! Hugs, Lynn

Clash In The Heavens

UntitledWe are discussing the Kingdom of God. Today, let’s shed some light and truth about how the enemy realm steals our blessings.

Have you ever read the story about Daniel and how he prays and the Lord immediately, and I mean IMMEDIATELY, responds and sends an answer in reply?

He said, “Daniel, you who are highly esteemed, consider carefully the words I am about to speak to you, and stand up, for I have now been sent to you.” And when he said this to me, I stood up trembling.

Then he continued, “Do not be afraid, Daniel. Since the first day that you set your mind to gain understanding and to humble yourself before your God, your words were heard, and I have come in response to them. But the prince of the Persian kingdom resisted me twenty-one days. Then Michael, one of the chief princes, came to help me, because I was detained there with the king of Persia. Now I have come to explain to you what will happen to your people in the future, for the vision concerns a time yet to come.” —Daniel 10: 10-14

This passage is extremely revealing.

Our prayers move the heart of God. He delights to respond to earnest, heartfelt prayer and petitions. Out of intimacy, because Daniel was continual intimacy with the Father, God immediately responded to his request for understanding. But what is revealed here is fascinating and absolutely STILL AT PLAY TODAY.

The angel with the answer, is delayed in the second heaven where he literally had to battle a demonic principality to make his way to earth. This scenario is played out over and over again today as we petition the Lord with our prayers and requests. We must battle through some heavy territory to receive our answers because the Prince and ruler of the air, this planet, well do everything possible to steal our blessings, our answers, our benefits that are lavishly released to us by the Father’s hand.

I have watched this scene play out so many times in my own life. And GRRRRRRR. It makes me so mad at the devil.

What we need to learn from this lesson in Daniel is PRESISTENCE. I cannot preach about this word enough. My experience in Christianity is that believers give up way to easily and way toooooo soooooon. Everything about answered prayer is about persistence, pressing in, and petitioning until our answer arrives.

This passage also reveals something very powerful. We need pray support. It was only Daniel praying. He was alone in his petitions and it took 21 days. This is a lesson that corporate prayer brings more power to push back the enemy lines and make a breakthrough the second heaven oppression to allow God’s provisions to enter in. Now, I realize that sometimes it’s only us. Only you that is praying. And this passage indicates that God answered and the angelic broke through. So, we can depend on the fact that our prayer alone are very powerful. Yet, when things are really deep or when prayer is needed for a people group, a city and a nation, joining together with other like-minded pray(ers) is what’s needed to move the answers through the heavens.

Okay, what do you think? Share with me a time where your persistence in prayer was evidenced. I’ll see you in the comments.

Next post: How the devil steals our blessings that are sent from God and how do we get them back. March on Warriors! In His Grace, Lynn

Prayer For the 2016 Election: Lynn Donovan

American FlagHoly Father, who is in Heaven, Jesus our Messiah and Holy Spirit who moves in our hearts and in our lives, we come before you in obedience and love. We seek Your perfect wisdom. Lord, we plead like Paul, in Ephesians 1:17 for the Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation to know Your will for our country, for our future leaders and to help us to bring unity to Your Church and to our country.

Lord, You knew before time began whom You would appoint as our 45th president. You ordained that this person might be a tool of Your purposes, judgement and or mercy. We ask now that you would bring that person forward and fill them with Your Holy Spirit. We stand in prayer and faith that this person will be humble and submitted to Your Son, Jesus.

Father, right now we come against the powers of darkness, principalities, and rulers of evil. We stand as Your Children, given gifts and authority to cast down all arguments and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ. And we declare that this land, the United States of America, will be a nation dedicated to God. We pray you move with great power to defeat the powers of darkness. And we will pray the heavens open and place angels on assignment to defeat evil intentions, lies to the public and deceit. In the name of Jesus.

Lord, we seek your favor and turn from wickedness. We repent on behalf of our brothers and sisters in this country that have aligned themselves with selfish and evil motives. We repent for lies that spew forth from our televisions and in the public square. We beg your forgiveness. Lord, now we ask a fresh anointing of the Holy Spirit to sweep across our land and change the atmosphere from division, fear, and hatred and then release love, healing and kinship. Lord, we ask that truth prevail, Your truth. In Jesus holy name.

Father, let your people rise and see their enormous importance to humble themselves and pray this very hour for Your hand of mercy and grace. Let us storm the heavens with petitions that move all of heaven and that defeat hell with finality.

Lord, defeat the devil’s schemes. Remind us to armor up daily and to walk in the Spirit of 2 Timothy 1:7. For you did not give us a spirit of fear but one of power love and sound mind. Grant us a supernatural mind to know exactly how and whom to vote. Lord, let us become warriors, bold and valiant, for Your Kingdom. Let us not shrink back from attacks of evil but rise up and share Your truth with a world that is blind, naked and dying.

Lord, let Your banner over us be love and kindness. You know who our next President will be. We ask that You would bless our county with a humble person who will seek Your face for wisdom as they guide us in the days ahead. Place a covering over this person and family. Place a covering over American and bring about Your perfect plans for this Nation.

We pray all this in the name above all names, Jesus. Christ.