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How Did We Arrive Here????

Seek Truth SeriesHow Did We Arrive Here?

Kingdom Warriors. How did we arrive talking about the prophets of Baal, the Mainstream News Outlets and MK Ultra?


Great question. I’m glad you asked.

My meandering road into understanding came out of my desire to help bring freedom in Jesus to those who are severely traumatized and wounded. Many of you know I have a prayer ministry that the Lord Jesus placed upon me. I’m compelled by love to serve and help others find the freedom that I finally found in my life.

During my exploration of healing of the soul, I found myself stepping into an area I never thought I would. Nor did I even know about. I began to study about survivors of Satanic Ritual Abuse. This is not a study for the faint of heart. It’s truly horrific.

But I needed to learn enough to start praying with survivors. And indeed, I have prayed with survivors and they are finding healing and freedom in Jesus. But one of the most common practices in SRA is mind control and mind programming.

THAT is how I began to study how all this began.

What I’ve come to understand is that it’s impossible to separate our Faith from other areas. We tend to isolate our faith life and keep it separate from politics, our employment, our shopping, etc. But ultimately EVERYTHING is all tied together.


All of our experience in the various realms of our society (media, government, education, economy, family, religion, and arts and entertainment, all of it is under siege from satan. There is a war to control every area of our society. Thusly, as believers who pray, and ask for God’s hand to move in our faith life, we must also pray about every area of society.

Why? Because we are at war. And EVERYTHING is intertwined.

The questions I began to ask is why, SRA programming? Why were they doing this to people. And the cursory answer is CONTROL. The devil wants control. And he is involved in every area, including and especially within the church.

We cannot segregate our faith from our culture. That is what the church did for the last 50 years and now we are in a real mess.

However, even if the church was anemic or unaware of the progression of the Assembly of Satan (Revelation 3:9), our Father is NOT. In fact, I’m utterly convinced we will see His sovereign hand move quickly and with utter power and glory.

God has been meticulously setting into place the pieces to expose this wicked satanic assembly. AND we the church, we are privileged to pray it forward. Hang on to what you have. Because the Lord, God, Almighty is about to ROAR! His Kingdom and His son, Jesus, whom we celebrate this month, is not unaware, nor asleep.

God is releasing His people to pray. People to bring healing. People to tear down the satanic assembly. I for one, am like a small child sitting on the edge of my seat bouncing up and down. I am a real-time spectator and participant in one of the most spectacular moves of God.

In the next several days let’s pray the Kingdom of Heaven to come to earth. Pray protection, truth to be known and for the angelic armies to be empowered to Victory.

I’m not sure where my next teaching will go, but thank you for tagging along for this ride. Remember, I told you that you will be challenged. But don’t be afraid. The Lord, God is with us. He is all we need.


Have a blessed day and PRAY HARD! Lynn

Who Are The Prophets of Baal  12-4-2020

Seek Truth SeriesSo, my friends have you recognize the modern Prophets of Baal?

Let’s look at this Old Testament passage. This passage is happening before our very eyes.

1 Kings 18: 20-21

So Ahab sent to all the people of Israel and gathered the prophets together at Mount Carmel. And Elijah came near to all the people and said, “How long will you go limping between two different opinions? If the Lord is God, follow him; but if Baal, then follow him.” And the people did not answer him a word.

Friends, today I’m going to challenge your status quo. I’m going to submit some information for you to consider.

Let me share with you about the first-time information was given to me and how I began to process through what I heard. I remember specifically when a very close friend of mine, “just happened” to mention to me that US soldiers were experimented upon and subjected to mind-control.

I smiled at my dear friend, all the while thinking to myself, Awe, isn’t she cute. But good grief, she’s waaaaaaay out there!  Yep, and you may feel the same after I share some of the stuff I have to tell you.

But remember I asked the LORD, “Show me the real truth. I want to know what you know.”


But it was a process. And so much of this process begins with this: cognitive dissonance.

cog·ni·tive dis·so·nance

/ˈkäɡnədiv ˈdisənəns/



  1. the state of having inconsistent thoughts, beliefs, or attitudes, especially as relating to behavioral decisions and attitude change.

Sometimes what we hear is to contradictory to what we have believed all of our lives that cognitively, we can't accept it immediately.

You will likely experience this condition as we confront belief systems we have embraced for years. It is NOT my purpose to steer you in any direction other that the real truth. But, just like me, this will not be an easy process. It’s extraordinarily challenging. This process takes humility and also GREAT discernment. So, prior to looking at truth, you MUST be engaged intimately with the Trinity. The LORD must be your go to every. single. time you consider a challenge to your current belief system.

And if you struggle to believe what I share, I get it. Go check for yourself. Everything I will share can be independently verified by eye witness accounts and usually documentation. However, I started this journey several years ago and much of what I researched has now been wiped from the internet, YouTube, etc. But there is enough for us to look at.

You can start by looking up the MK Ultra experiments. A Government Mind Control project. It’s legit. What they don’t tell you is they still use it today.

Okay, but back to the Prophets of Baal.

So Ahab sent to all the people of Israel and gathered the prophets together at Mount Carmel. And Elijah came near to all the people and said, “How long will you go limping between two different opinions? If the Lord is God, follow him; but if Baal, then follow him.” And the people did not answer him a word. —1 Kings 18:20-21

We are living out this passage right now all over the world. There are about 500 main voices who are preaching a false narrative. I know this absolutely-through my prayer time and other independent sources. The mainstream media perpetually prophesy a false reality. This media is controlled by the dragon and his demonic kingdom.

Just recently the President of CNN, was recorded as he shared the networks bent, false reporting and outright lies about the content they present to the public. CNN isn’t the only news source prophesying lies and deceptions. All of the mainline media is doing the same. Look at the headlines from the print. They are all nearly the same. How can that be?

A Time To Heal News Print

They are receiving their directives from a central source. And this source isn't heaven.

There are 500 prophets of Baal who are speaking lies. My friends, turn off the news. Pray and ask God, “What is the truth? What is the truth about our country? What is the truth about the election? Lord, what do you want me to know right now today? Lord, how do you want me to pray? Father, how to I pray in alignment with your will?”

My current question that have before the Lord is this, “Father, who is Elijah in this modern-day story?”

I can’t wait to uncover this answer. FUN TIMES! Yes!

Okay, Gang, we are rolling now. Hang on to your hat. There is so much in play. It’s going to be a wild ride. Remember, take what I share into your prayer time. The Lord greatly desires for us to know the truth.

So Jesus said to the Jews who had believed him, “If you abide in my word, you are truly my disciples, and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” —John 8:31-32

I Bet You Didn't Know This Truth About America!

Seek Truth LynnDonovan.comSeek Truth Series Lynn Donovan

Hello Kingdom Warriors,

Well let’s get this ball rolling. I believe I’m going to start with a timely subject. The United States of America. I’m jumping in the middle of a long and winding story because we as humanity, literally sit at a crossroads.

Before us God has placed this scripture:

This day I call the heavens and the earth as witnesses against you that I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life, so that you and your children may live. — Deuteronomy 30:19

Our nation is sharply divided. And there are reasons behind the divide, many I hope to uncover as we work our way through the long story. But as we await the finalization the presidential election, I want to point out something many of us don’t know.

This election is a moratorium on good and evil. And although one man or one party doesn’t represent Yahweh, our God positions men and nations according to His purposes. And in January we shall see who God chooses.

I am absolutely convinced that this election isn’t so much about Trump or Biden but about Jesus Christ and the evil that has opposed His Kingdom.

I believe absolutely to the core of my being that God is in the middle of this election mess. And I further believe this:

God’s name is on the line!

And this is why.

Long ago, Yahwey looked upon the face of the earth with love. Long after man sinned, He smiled down upon a man named, Abram. Abram looked up to God and said, “I love you Father.” God loved Abram and gave him a promise of a nation from his descendants.

Now GET THIS: God chose for Himself a nation. Israel. Only one time in history did God chose a nation as His own. His people to love and prosper as His children. God chose only one nation!


America was founded by people who chose tremendous hardship, and many died to worship Yahwey in FREEDOM. They came to this nation not for financial prosperity, not to have land of their own, but all this was given to them. And the people who came here were Christians. Believer’s in Jesus!

The settlers of America came here and created a nation that chose God. We chose God.

Our nation chose God!

And only one time in history did a nation choose God. And because of our founding, I assure you that our Father’s heart is moved with fierce love as He looks upon America. Our God looks upon our nation as views millions and millions of people who love Him. Millions gather to worship. Million give millions of dollars to help humanity. Millions of HIS PEOPLE are also fiercely dedicated to our Lord and God and His son, Jesus Christ. And they love Him and this nation.

My friends, our God is passionately involved with our nation. He isn’t asleep nor is He uninvolved. He has literally saved us from tremendous disasters over the last 50 years. Things so wicked that when I share them, your hair will curl. I will lay out more about that in the weeks ahead.

NOW is the time to pray as one nation under God. We must have the right man in the Whitehouse and we will see God sign His name on the line.

I truly believe we are about to see some of the most astonishing works from the hand of God that have been witnessed since the miracles of the exodus from Egypt. Hang on to your hat!!  This will be a ride of epic proportions!

Pray like you never have before. Turn off the mainline media. And listen to the voice of God. He will tell you the truth if you ask and listen.

Okay, pray with me this week. Give thanks that we are blessed. Give thanks that we are alive in such an astonishing time on the earth. Give thanks for America! Give thanks for the other nations who love God!

I’m so thankful for you all. Happy Thanksgiving and I’ll see you next week. In His Grace, Lynn