Marching Around Jericho

The Holy Spirit is Vital to Supernatural Power -

FB Effective Warfare Lynn DonovanHi Kingdom Warriors. Lynn Donovan here again.



Lynn here. We are on a roll now. Let's establish our foundation in the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is absolutely vital to know and understand as we enter into a theater of war. Listen in and join the conversation here in the comments or on Facebook.






Download PDF Field Guide → Intimacy with the Holy Spirit

Who Wants some Video Teaching?

86474396_10159328771248332_6081245126414303232_nStarting in January, I will be offering some video teaching right here every other Monday. Please plan to listen in, take notes and then apply the truths.

The first video will be about our Identity in Christ. This will be taken from the book, Marching Around Jericho.

Here is the link to the website I mention: Equipping Warriors - Marching Around Jericho

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Also here is a link to the declarations: Speak Truth

Radio Interview: Equipped with Chris Brooks

For those who are working through Marching Around Jericho. Listen in today.

Equipped Chris BrooksSTOP praying powerless prayers for your unsaved spouse. Do you need encouragement. Practical help to THRIVE in your unequally yoked marriage? 

Listen in today, as I'm on the radio Broadcast, Equipped, with Chris Brooks. Dec 27th Noon to 1 PM CT. Here is the link: Equipped, with Chris Brooks, Guest: Lynn Donovan.