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Binding the Mind Scrambling Spirit

1 med Res Enforcer Front CoverHey Everyone,

Today's a good post. It's a lot to take in but it's powerful to gain wisdom and understanding regarding our enemy.

Recently I've been listening to some audio books written by deliverance ministers and an interesting section was covered regarding unbelievers. It's a mind scrambling spirit.

I'll share some of my limited understanding about this beast and a prayer to pray for the unsaved in your life.

The mind scrambling spirit is a form of mind control, which is rooted in witchcraft. All control and manipulation are rooted in witchcraft. The scrambling spirit sits atop a person's head. In the spirit realm, people who see, describe this spirit to look like a small octopus whose tentacles reach down through the ears and eyes into the brain. WOW! 

I know!!

This spirit scrambles the thoughts of those it has access, thereby they are unable to process the words of life coherently and with understanding. This is why you can share God, scripture and testimonies with people and they remain unchanged. The individual will hear you and even repeat back what you said, but the truth becomes scrambled in their minds and hearts. They are unable to receive truth. 


However!!!  With Jesus, all things are possible, even for the darkest of those under mind control. I discovered a simple prayer to pray for those who live within our love, stewardship and jurisdiction. Pray the Armor prayer first, daily. I shared that last week.

Then pray this:

Father, in the name of Jesus,

I bind the demonic scrambler who is scrambling the thoughts in (insert name).

You demons binding (insert name) I take authority over you in the name of Jesus Christ, my Lord. I bind you in the name of Jesus. You cannot afflict (insert name) today. My house is committed to the Lord and is holy ground.  You are a trespasser and may not function here.  I bind you and command you to leave in the name of Jesus. 

At some point you may need to bind and rebuke the demon directly. This is prayer of persistence. One of our greatest spiritual disciplines is perseverance. Pray this in faith until breakthrough, no matter how long it takes. In Jesus name.

The next post is about standing in the gap for others. It's good also. Okay, I really need to hear from you. Is this the kind of content that will help you? Please talk to me in the comments. 

Love and blessings, Lynn

Do Christians Worship Idols?

1 med Res Enforcer Front CoverOne concept that is truly life changing and yet also difficult to swallow as a believer, is modern-day idol worship. Indeed, worshiping a statue seems unlikely in today's day and age. Yet, when you really unpack what is written in the Bible regarding idols, you will uncover the truth about idols and how the demonic realm is covertly offering up a false god to us over Yahweh.

In fact in Spiritual Enforcer is dedicate chapter 9 to this topic. 


Because if there is idol worship in our lives, it weakens our authority in Christ and the power we weild through the Holy Spirit.


Because, literally, we are in a partnership with a demonic power instead of covenant with God. 

Sound simple, yet it's not. The deceptions are vast and I find many exist right within some of our own churches. 

This was a very difficult chapter for me to share because it will really call people out about their beliefs regarding certain activities. AND many Christians will be offended. OFFENDED! I tell you. But, if you are serious and want deliverance, freedom and power, you must walk through this chapter and the lists that I provide at the back of the book.

Additionally, right along with idol worship is truth I didn't include in the book regarding "the uncovering of the nakedness" found in Leviticus 18. If we truly understood this passage and it's ramifications, the world would be a different place. I will likely include this teaching in the video training to come.

Okay, these are my thoughts today. So, my question is this, how offended did you feel when you read chapter 9? See you in the comments. Lynn

The Holy Spirit is Vital to Supernatural Power -

FB Effective Warfare Lynn DonovanHi Kingdom Warriors. Lynn Donovan here again.



Lynn here. We are on a roll now. Let's establish our foundation in the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is absolutely vital to know and understand as we enter into a theater of war. Listen in and join the conversation here in the comments or on Facebook.






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Question for You

Praying In TongesFor all of us that meet up here at, I want to have a conversation about speaking in tongues. During the fast this past week, the Lord has directed me to pray more frequently in my prayer language. 

It seems to me that this area of faith practice and prayer is confusing to many. I'm one of them. However, FINALLY, the Lord is beginning to lead me in understanding. 

So, what do you think? Do you want to learn more about this particular prayer practice? Let me kn
ow in the comments your thoughts and questions. Let's find out this year the real value that comes from this prayer practice. Hugs, Lynn

Where Does Death and Fear Hide?

A few days ago, I was driving home and across the street and down a couple of houses, I came face-to-face with Death and Fear. 

Take a look....

Death fear

There they were staring straight at me. And all I could think is, this 12-foot-tall representation of the ministry of satan, is no longer in hiding. Death, the skeleton, is prevalent everywhere. 

And fear... Look at this beast. Also 12 foot tall. Did you know its eyes light up at night? Sheesh. No wonder so many live in perpetual fear and affliction. These characters are now standing in the shadows in every neighborhood. And not just on Halloween.

They loom large and have real consequences. I pray with so many who are wrapped in fear. Let's push back against death and fear.

Everything about our Father is LIFE! And Jesus came to give LIFE and abundantly. We must speak life into our lives, our bodies, our relationships and communities.

Bless with life. Rebuke Death and Fear.

So, I rebuke these two characters every time I drive by this house. I hope to drive by soon and see one of both, face down on the ground. Just because some 5'4" blonde lady prayed. 

I would laugh with glee. 

Happy fall. Life in Life. Blessings and hugs, Lynn