What Did You Hear

Lynn Donovan Ministries Glory Hi My Friends,

What did God reveal to you during your fast. It's time to share and encourage each other.

This is the day we give honor and worship God.

Post something in the comments you heard, felt, learned during the fast. I'll see you there.

On Monday, I'll post some of the messages I heard from God. 

See you in the comments. If you have trouble with Disqus loading. Click it a second time or reload the page. That usually works. Hugs, Lynn


Lynn Donovan Prayer & Fasting 2021Wow, What a week!

Fasting will really clean you out. Pun intended. I feel I went through so much in five shorts days. AND I didn't make it all the way through the fast. BUT I did what I could and that's enough.

If you didn't make it either, give yourself grace. Our Papa smiles that we tried. AND for those who persevered, your are honored here! Well done!

All of us learned something this week. I KNOW we did. What did the Lord reveal? What did He show you? What scripture did He unpack? Did you cleanse your soul? Did you cleanse your home? What happened?

For me, I cried A LOT! WOW! (sad face)

And now I'm done crying. I feel humbled, contrite, and vulnerable. Perhaps just where I need to be to move into this new year.

How about you. Please -PLEASE- share with me. I don't want to think I went through this week alone. 

I love all of you so much. It's as if today, on this holy and blessed Friday, I feel every emotion of love that I have for you. I feel your pain, your doubts, unbelief, and your scared-ness. I feel the tiny bit of hope that remains. I feel the overwhelm and the confusion you face. I FEEL YOU! I FEEL your heart. Truly!

We join together, you and me, this amazing community of people that God has bless us into. We REMAIN STEADFAST in faith that our Father is good. He has good for us. He is with us and will never leave us. He holds the key and NOW the door has opened. Let's clasp hands and walk through it together. It's not scary if we go together.

I love you, deeply, eternally, and with all of my heart. AND I love Jesus with all that I am, forever more. 

See you in the comments, my friends. Love and hugs, Lynn

FAST BEGINS At Sunrise January 4, 2021

Lynn Donovan Prayer & Fasting 2021Thank you for joining this very important time where we fast as a collective community.

There are two things we want to accomplish through a fast. One, draw closer to God. And two, cleanse ourselves to bring about clarity, holiness, and freedom.

Let’s start today off by cleansing our soul. The soul is where the demonic will work to create illness, depression and oppression.

Today, in your morning prayer time, ask Jesus some questions:

Q: Jesus, reveal to me any person who I need to forgive. Work through the forgiveness process. You can find an example of this in Marching Around Jericho, page 80.

Q: Jesus, where does the enemy retain legal rights in my life? My marriage? My family?

Repent and work through any woundedness with Jesus.

Q: Jesus is there any bitterness within me? Are there unhealed soul wounds? Are there any weapons (swords, daggers, spears, etc.) lodged into my soul? If so, remove them.

Jesus, I now ask you to cover every part of my soul with your healing blood. Cleanse my body, soul and spirit. Draw me into Your holiness.

Listen and respond. Take communion elements, if prompted. The blood is powerful.

Okay, before you leave your morning time, BLESS.

Lord Jesus, in Your name, I bless myself and my family with joy, hope, and peace. I bless us with a spirit of unity and cooperation. I bless our home to be a safe place to always land. A place of authenticity and bless us with love and commitment to one another.

Jesus, bless me and my family name them individually) with divine health today. Heal our souls, our broken hearts, and release us from lies that hold us in bondage.

Jesus, bless everything under my stewardship, love, and responsibility. Let everything I touch thrive and grow. I receive the gift of the abundant life you died to provide.

Jesus, bless my daughter with____________________.

Bless my son with______________________________.

Bless my spouse________________________________.

Bless me______________________________________.


Bless me today to be sensitive to your prompting. Jesus as I feel the hunger pangs, cause me to turn to you and pray. Sustain me through this fast and help me conquer my body and bring it as an offering to You.

Today, Jesus, reveal yourself in our Nation. I speak with all the Saints, LET YOUR WILL BE DONE THAT YOUR NAME IS GLORIFIED. Jesus, in your powerful name. AMEN

Okay, in the comments, I want you to write one blessing. This blessing becomes a permanent record in the heavenly realms as I and others bear witness. And then echo another’s prayer with an amen in the comments.

This FAST will change so much in our future. Love and hugs, Lynn

Tomorrow a home cleansing prayer.