Kingdom LIFE! Are You Swept Up In THIS Common Demonic Deception?

Kingdom Life 2021Do you want to learn today, one of the greatest deceptions of the devil? One you are very much invested in?

Allow me share how the devil draws us into this mass deception and how we willingly surrender control of our lives over to him and his minions. It’s very subtle and most of the world population is susceptible and completely unaware that they are living their lives in agreement with this behemoth LIE!

Let’s start with the truth: We are spiritual beings living in a physical reality.

My friends, the greater reality is the spiritual realm. We are spirits, FIRST. God breathed into us life and spirit.

Then the LORD God formed a man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being. —GENESIS 2:7 

Do you not know that you are a temple of God and that the Spirit of God dwells in you? —1 CORINTHIANS 3:16

We are a spirit, connected through a soul to a physical body, destined to live in a created, physical, world.

So, here is the lie. Satan has constructed elaborate and sophisticated deceptions screens in every area of our society that nearly all of humanity lives merely within our 3D existence. Think about it. Science is completely based upon the premise that what is real or “provable” is witnessed by our fives senses. I remember having this very conversation with my husband in our early years.

“What about supernatural stuff that happens on earth such as….” I would rattle off things like what are lightning balls? What about miracle healings? What about levitation?”

These are legitimate supernatural, unprovable, phenomenon. He response, “Well just as science proved the world was round and not flat, the discovery or explanation will come in the future.”

At that point I didn’t have a response. After all, doesn’t that sound reasonable? However, I’m older and wiser now. I’ll state unequivocally, the supernatural realm, the spiritual realm, is absolutely real. And in fact, the spirit realm is the greater reality.

We are spiritual beings having a physical experience. So the colossal deception is that there is nothing more than the physical realm.

And this is where satan wants us to live. So this is what he will do to keep us away from our true nature and the greater reality. He will throw everything at us in this natural realm to overwhelm our mind and heart with physical problems.

Think about it. Pain, disease, financial difficulty. He keeps us toiling away in a job that is unfulfilling, controlling us through a difficult boss, a range of breakdowns in our relationships, our marriage, with our children. He works to create chaos at every turn because we will be driven to focus on how to navigate this “new” problem in the natural.

The devil works in the small to the overwhelming. One thing, upon another. A rock in the windshield, a sick child, you miss work, fall behind, boss is angry. The dishwasher quits. There is a flood in the downstairs bathroom, your facing loneliness, Covid, fear of the unknown, and a mountain of debt.

Currently, I’ve never witnessed so many believers standing under blow-upon-blow of health issues, financial crisis, marriage crisis, etc. It feels like a relentless siege. And it is.

BUT…… This is where our years of training come into play. Year upon year, you rose from your warm bed and chose to pursue God instead of sleeping for 30 minutes more. Year upon year, you read books that filled your spirit. You filled your mind and heart with the Word of God. All the time you invested into relationship with the Trinity, the maturing of your faith, the development of faith practices now come back to carry you over the siege.

When you feel underwater and it looks like no way out, this is when you go back to what you have known and practiced for years. You take a minute and tell the devil, “YOU CAN’T STEAL MY FAITH!” 

“I am fully aware of the spiritual realm. I know my Father in Heaven. I stand under the blood covenant of Yeshua. With great purpose, today I choose to remember all that God has done and said in the past.” 

“I choose to live out of my true reality that I am seated in the heavenly realms with Christ. This is my victory over all the works of hell.”

When this life on earth begins to consume you, you can bet the devil is behind it. This is the moment you can be assured that you are headed into one of your GREATEST breakthroughs.

You are standing on holy ground.

Take time to remove your sandals, to refocus on the greater reality, give thanks to God, Yeshua, and Spirit. Realign with heaven because that is our greater reality.

Do you agree?

I love you my dear, dear brothers and sisters in Christ. Stay strong in the Lord for surely, we shall see the goodness of Yahweh in the land of the living. Hallelujah

God said: DO THIS!

1 John 3 8 Lynn DonovanHello Fellow Sojourners,

2021 has started off with tremendous emotions: Fasting, revelation, so many people are very ill, and we are in the midst of a war and turmoil in our nation. And I fear the turmoil isn’t over.

Last week I spent hours in prayer. Sleepless, hours processing all of it with the Lord. His voice has amplified and become even clearer in this hour. I’ve taken so much before the Lord asking for His direction and wisdom. And I believe He has provided me with a clear direction for this current season. I’m to remain focused on this singular mission and never waiver until He redirects. If he redirects.

In light of the censorship that is now upon us, I asked the Lord should I continue to share what I intended about SRA and all that I have learned about the luciferin agenda. I have a concern that my hosting platform will close me down and this affects all the online ministries. I cannot put SUM in jeopardy of closure. With all this in mind….

I asked Father, “What is my mission for this year?”


Then He reminded me that for the past several years that is exactly what I’ve been doing. And I’m powerful and effective to help people through my prayer and coaching sessions. He also then reminded me that the teaching I’ve provided through the books, blogs, the video and field guides have truly brought greater freedom, awareness, and helped many to draw closer to Him.

He then told me to keep teaching about Him. So that is what I will continue to write about. Because it’s impossible to exhaust the exploration of His unending character and personality. I will continue to write about our Father, Jesus and Spirit, the angelic, demonic and numerous other aspects of the spiritual realm.

I am troubled, however, that I feel blocked about sharing publicly what I have learned. But, in our current world-wide trauma, there remain many who just aren’t ready to hear. I’m considering offering a closed course through Zoom for those who are truly interested. I will wait upon the Lord about this. Email me privately if you are interested.

I will continue to believe we live in one of the most exciting times in human history. We must remain steadfast in our faith and refuse to listen to the lies. Now it’s more critical than ever to line up your life with the Word of God. The Word MUST dwell within you. His voice must guide you. And His love will keep you in perfect peace.


Thoughts? Living in faith and belief here on planet earth, Lynn

Future posts:

  • Recognize Jezebel
  • What are principalities? How they move, rule and how to displace them.
  • How do we engage the angelic for assistance?
  • What is a sexual spirit?
  • What are open doors?
  • Closing the open doors permanently
  • Prayers that tip the scales in heaven
  • God’s smile
  • Jesus and healing
  • The Holy Spirit fire
  • How to hold a sword of fire

Halloween High Wickedness Is On Hand

Full MoonFor nearly three months the Lord has pressed upon me the urgency to pray against the witchcraft that will be unleashed on October, 31st this year.

This particular Halloween arrives with a full moon and on a Saturday evening. It is ripe for massive participation by covens and satanists worldwide. I’m not sure how much Christians understand about this night, but it is wickedness personified.

The blood rituals and satanic sacrifices will be employed for a number of reasons. But this particular night witchcraft will be aimed to create chaos in the Presidential election. The plans and purposes are also to release a greater spirit of rebellion, chaos, division and hatred. Demonic forces and satan, himself, feeds of the emotional misery of people and animals.

My friends, let me tell you about Jesus. Satan shudders when he even thinks about Jesus. He shudders and backs down when he looks at us and sees Christ in us. He is power -LESS against the Saints and their prayers of protection and supplication.

Decide today to join the prayer movement to cancel this planned evil. If you are able, stay up and pray through the night. The evil is especially high at 3 am. Pray every day leading up to Halloween and up to the election.

I don’t know where these prayer prompts came from, but they are excellent. Begin to pray in this order Thank you, Lynn

  1. Decree that Heaven's righteousness and justice will now reign over our nation, its people, our governments, and all its agencies.
  1. Ask the Lord to pull out his sword of justice and execute his vengeance on the enemy now at work in our nation.
  1. Pray that evil will be exposed. This includes the discerning of specific demonic spirits at work but also the evil plans of men, government's, and human agencies and agents.
  1. Rebuke the evil spirits at work: anarchy, division, hatred, all that God reveals, and bind them through the authority God has given us in Luke 10:19. Command these spirits to be silent.
  1. Command in the name of Jesus the spirits of darkness to be disconnected from The souls of men. Declare the demonic spiritual attachments to their souls will be cut. Decree the evil command structure be taken out. They will no longer have authority and power over the souls and minds of the people they have been governing.
  1. Decree that every evil spirit released through witchcraft be immediately bound and taken to the pit so their work is not carried out. Ask the Lord to release his angelic hosts to bring about the opposite of what the witchcraft loosed or bound.
  1. Decree the supremacy of Jesus over the spirit of Jezebel in America ("the Lord rebuke you"). What has been loosed through the witchcraft to be thrown down in our nation's capital and across our nation.

Are We Living In the End Times?

The End LynndonovancomAre We Living In the End Times?

My friends, I’m stepping away from the study of 1 Corinthians 13 as I want to address the issue of the end-times messages that are overwhelming the Christian church.

Since March there have been a number of doom proclaimers in Christendom. These are well respected and educated pastors, teachers and prophets. So many of them are carrying a message of destruction and that the end of life as we know it is imminent, verily knocking at the door. I’ll admit the few trusted teachers I listen to, have also spoken conflicting messages. So, it’s confusing and frightening to say the least.

However, I’ve asked the Lord about this current season and I’ve been seeking His voice, and His voice alone, to guide me and provide wisdom about the current world circumstances within which we live.

The Word says: 5 If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you. —James 5:1

I’ve asked Jesus, over and again. And I continue to come back to the same message. This is what I shared with a friend last week:

I’m still pressing into to hear clearly about it all. Especially because I’m hearing conflicting messages from the few trusted teachers I listen to.  Mostly, I MUST hear clearly from Jesus. But I’m hearing what most others aren’t. Here is what continually comes to me:

This isn’t the end. NOT EVEN CLOSE. We haven’t even begun to see what wickedness will be like at the end times. And I don’t sense that the vaccine is the mark of the beast. However, if they require some kind of biomarker on our hand…. Then that gives me trouble. I would need to seriously pray about that. I don’t think this vaccine is dangerous or loaded with nano bots.

Why am I sharing this? Because there is so much fear and confusion. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. There is a giant harvest that the Lord has been preparing the church to receive. God isn’t going to pull all of us out of the earth before that occurs. I just don’t see that happening.

What I do see is satans feeble attempts to causes division among the races, sexes, ages, and socio and economic lines. And he’s done a good job of creating hatred where there isn’t any. He is also busy working to overthrow the Christian heritage of America. Because he knows if the Christian nation of America fails, so goes the world.

We MUST stop buying into the fear and hype. Ask Jesus what is going on. He will tell you. He will tell you that Covid IS NOT from heaven. It wasn’t God’s punishment. The pandemic is a practice round for the enemy to see how far we will bend. Truly.

My friends, OUR PRAYERS defeat the enemy. But if we are bound up in fear, faith cannot function. Step out of fear. Determine that our beautiful earth will go on for another 1,000 years. We will see the generations to come and we will see the rescue of humanity again and again BECAUSE THAT’S OUR FATHER.

I’ll share more updates with you as I continue to pray. I know I have one coming about October 31st and also a post about the election. I have revelation about both.

Listen to me. We are not weak cowards. We aren’t victims. We have Christ, the Living God, within us. Let satan see that in our eyes and shiver!!!  Hallelujah. AMEN


"For the LORD is good; His loving kindness is everlasting And His faithfulness to all generations." —Psalm 100:5

God is not human, that he should lie, not a human being, that he should change his mind. Does he speak and then not act? Does he promise and not fulfill? —Numbers 23:19

The Spirit of Suicide

Ephesians 6 12This past week I felt so honored to be a guest on a number of radio shows that aired across the world. Humbled and truly honored and so thankful.

What was interesting to me is how diverse the interviews turned out to be. Although we were discussing virtually the same topic, wow, did the questions and content change from one interview to the next.

By the way, I’m always nervous.

Anyhoo, I recall thinking to myself during a few of these interviews and sharing with the host that one of the biggest areas of growth for me in my faith walk was discovering who my enemy is and how he operates. Up until my March Around Jericho, I was clueless about the demonic realm and therefore completely vulnerable to a significant amount of activity the devil meant to destroy me, my marriage and all that I love.

Today, let’s have a look at the demonic realm and shed some light, light that will devastate that realm. What’s interesting to me is that 1/3 of the ministry of Jesus was in this area. He continually delivered people from evil spirits. Just read through the Gospels and grasp how Jesus demonstrated deliverance and remember His words to us as disciples:

Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse those who have leprosy, drive out demons. Freely you have received; freely give. —Matthew 10:8

This is our mandate as believers!

I’ve written about our enemy, his game plan, and how we step out of his control in the book. Please, please read it. Page 91.

But today, I’m sensing the Lord asking me to write about what I know about a specific demonic spirit that afflicts so many and is increasing right now in our culture.

Let me ask you a question. Have you ever been driving in your car and feel an overwhelming feeling in your mind that you want to crash your car into a block wall?

Well let me tell you that you aren’t alone. In fact, millions of people have felt this way. In fact, years ago when I was learning about the enemy and his tactics, I was researching about the spirit of Death, Spirit of Cain, and the spirit of Suicide. I did some research and reading and this very question was asked of me. I’d never had this thought, but I decided to ask my then, teenaged daughter this question.

“Ya, mom, I have.”

I immediately shared with her that this was a spirit speaking to her. I explained, if you even one time, make an agreement in your mind that life isn’t worth living or you would be better off if you went on to heaven, you immediately gave the spirit of death a foot hold in your life. This is because you have entered into agreement with one of the three primary ministries of hell, kill, steal, destroy (John 10:10)

Yes, this doesn’t sound fair but I promise you my years of experience with this issue affirms it’s true. And getting rid of this spirit is very difficult. Until you hear and believe the truth about how this spirit works then recognize that you came into agreement with it, even if you don’t feel like cashing in your chips now, it has a legal right to remain and torment you with thoughts of death.

However, once you become aware, that spirit is weakened immediately. And all you must do is repent and come into agreement with Jesus who came to give us what????? Life and life abundantly (John 10:10) then you can command that spirit to leave and never return.

Finally, if it persists, you MUST persist and then get help with prayer if needed.

I asked my daughter a few years later about having these thoughts, “No mom, not once.”


Jesus freed people 2,000 years ago and He’s still doing it today. So, what do you think. This is hardcore teaching but as the church, we can’t remain ignorant of the devil’s schemes. So, what are your thoughts?