How Did We Arrive Here????

Seek Truth SeriesHow Did We Arrive Here?

Kingdom Warriors. How did we arrive talking about the prophets of Baal, the Mainstream News Outlets and MK Ultra?


Great question. I’m glad you asked.

My meandering road into understanding came out of my desire to help bring freedom in Jesus to those who are severely traumatized and wounded. Many of you know I have a prayer ministry that the Lord Jesus placed upon me. I’m compelled by love to serve and help others find the freedom that I finally found in my life.

During my exploration of healing of the soul, I found myself stepping into an area I never thought I would. Nor did I even know about. I began to study about survivors of Satanic Ritual Abuse. This is not a study for the faint of heart. It’s truly horrific.

But I needed to learn enough to start praying with survivors. And indeed, I have prayed with survivors and they are finding healing and freedom in Jesus. But one of the most common practices in SRA is mind control and mind programming.

THAT is how I began to study how all this began.

What I’ve come to understand is that it’s impossible to separate our Faith from other areas. We tend to isolate our faith life and keep it separate from politics, our employment, our shopping, etc. But ultimately EVERYTHING is all tied together.


All of our experience in the various realms of our society (media, government, education, economy, family, religion, and arts and entertainment, all of it is under siege from satan. There is a war to control every area of our society. Thusly, as believers who pray, and ask for God’s hand to move in our faith life, we must also pray about every area of society.

Why? Because we are at war. And EVERYTHING is intertwined.

The questions I began to ask is why, SRA programming? Why were they doing this to people. And the cursory answer is CONTROL. The devil wants control. And he is involved in every area, including and especially within the church.

We cannot segregate our faith from our culture. That is what the church did for the last 50 years and now we are in a real mess.

However, even if the church was anemic or unaware of the progression of the Assembly of Satan (Revelation 3:9), our Father is NOT. In fact, I’m utterly convinced we will see His sovereign hand move quickly and with utter power and glory.

God has been meticulously setting into place the pieces to expose this wicked satanic assembly. AND we the church, we are privileged to pray it forward. Hang on to what you have. Because the Lord, God, Almighty is about to ROAR! His Kingdom and His son, Jesus, whom we celebrate this month, is not unaware, nor asleep.

God is releasing His people to pray. People to bring healing. People to tear down the satanic assembly. I for one, am like a small child sitting on the edge of my seat bouncing up and down. I am a real-time spectator and participant in one of the most spectacular moves of God.

In the next several days let’s pray the Kingdom of Heaven to come to earth. Pray protection, truth to be known and for the angelic armies to be empowered to Victory.

I’m not sure where my next teaching will go, but thank you for tagging along for this ride. Remember, I told you that you will be challenged. But don’t be afraid. The Lord, God is with us. He is all we need.


Have a blessed day and PRAY HARD! Lynn