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Prayer Pushback This Halloween.

Full MoonI shared the following post on October 1st. I'm sharing it again to remind Kingdom people what are calling is for Saturday.

For nearly three months the Lord has pressed upon me the urgency to pray against the witchcraft that will be unleashed on October, 31st this year.

This particular Halloween arrives with a full moon and on a Saturday evening. It is ripe for massive participation by covens and satanists worldwide. I’m not sure how much Christians understand about this night, but it is wickedness personified.

The blood rituals and satanic sacrifices will be employed for a number of reasons. But this particular night witchcraft will be aimed to create chaos in the Presidential election. The plans and purposes are also to release a greater spirit of rebellion, chaos, division and hatred. Demonic forces and satan, himself, feeds of the emotional misery of people and animals.

My friends, let me tell you about Jesus. Satan shudders when he even thinks about Jesus. He shudders and backs down when he looks at us and sees Christ in us. He is power -LESS against the Saints and their prayers of protection and supplication.

Decide today to join the prayer movement to cancel this planned evil. If you are able, stay up and pray through the night. The evil is especially high at 3 am. Pray every day leading up to Halloween and up to the election.

I don’t know where these prayer prompts came from, but they are excellent. Begin to pray in this order every.single.day. Thank you, Lynn

  1. Decree that Heaven's righteousness and justice will now reign over our nation, its people, our governments, and all its agencies.
  1. Ask the Lord to pull out his sword of justice and execute his vengeance on the enemy now at work in our nation.
  1. Pray that evil will be exposed. This includes the discerning of specific demonic spirits at work but also the evil plans of men, government's, and human agencies and agents.
  1. Rebuke the evil spirits at work: anarchy, division, hatred, all that God reveals, and bind them through the authority God has given us in Luke 10:19. Command these spirits to be silent.
  1. Command in the name of Jesus the spirits of darkness to be disconnected from The souls of men. Declare the demonic spiritual attachments to their souls will be cut. Decree the evil command structure be taken out. They will no longer have authority and power over the souls and minds of the people they have been governing.
  1. Decree that every evil spirit released through witchcraft be immediately bound and taken to the pit so their work is not carried out. Ask the Lord to release his angelic hosts to bring about the opposite of what the witchcraft loosed or bound.
  1. Decree the supremacy of Jesus over the spirit of Jezebel in America ("the Lord rebuke you"). What has been loosed through the witchcraft to be thrown down in our nation's capital and across our nation.

Crossing The Jordan River Into Gilgal

By Martha Bush Crossing-jordan-river

In my last post, The Wilderness Years, I outlined what the wilderness is and what the wilderness is not. Remember: the wilderness is not a place where land is possessed.

The wilderness is:

  • a place of transition from our old thoughts and patterns of responding
  • a place where fleshly attitudes are transformed
  • a place of shaking out all the impurities in the heart
  • a place where a relationship with God is formed
  • a place that says “God, you are all, nothing else matters, nothing else will work
  • a place where total trust has to be built in God.

Today, I want to share with you the time I knew my wilderness years were over.

It happened like this.

I enrolled in a Bible study on the book, You Were Made For More. The first lesson centered around Gilgal, the first place in Canaan Joshua and Caleb and the new generation of Israelites came to after crossing The Jordan River.

Aha! Canaan was the place I had been trying to reach for several years. I had had a prophecy stating, “You have passed the test, but like Caleb, you’ve had to wander around in the wilderness with the other unbelievers, but you will possess the land.”

I often asked God, “If I’ve passed the test, when am I going to receive the land You promised me - salvation of my loved ones, healing, restoration?” I also began to feel there was a special assignment God wanted me to fulfill in this land.

Hearing about the Israelites’ arrival made something leap inside me. Though my wilderness years had tested me to the core, I had come into an intimacy with my Heavenly Father, and learned to recognize His whisper like daddy's whispers to me as a child. Lynn writes about this intimacy in Marching Around Jericho, Chapter 3.

 And now, He seemed to be whispering, “The wilderness season of your life is over! You have arrived in The Promised Land.”

“I’m here!  Now, I can go to war and take possession of my land!”

Wait! Not so fast! The teacher was explaining that the Israelites had to make a stop at Gilgal to do three things before moving forward into Jericho. He also pointed out these three things are significant to us today.

Grab your Bibles and join me in the class.

1. Look Back Before You Move Forward (Joshua 4:1-4)

God gave Joshua instructions to choose twelve men, one from each tribe, to take a stone and carry it back to the middle of the Jordan River, and pile the stones up as a monument. “In the future, when your children ask you, ‘What is this monument for,’  you can tell them it is to remind us that the Jordan River stopped flowing when the ark of the covenant went across. The monument will be a permanent reminder to the people of Israel of this amazing miracle."

Today: There will be times in our faith walk when we face discouragement to the point we might wonder if God is present with us. It is those times we need to look back to past victories God has given us.

During class discussion, someone suggested we erect monuments in our home such as paintings, or any object that reminds us of God’s faithfulness to us in times past. It could change our view of our present circumstance.

2. Don’t Try to Move Forward in Disobedience (Joshua 5:1-8)

The new generation of males had stopped practicing the sign of the covenant God made with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob - circumcision. God is now saying in essence, “Don’t move forward with sin in your life.” Thus, a mass circumcision took place.

Today: Our circumcision is getting our hearts aligned with God’s word and His will. We cannot expect victories in our life as long as it’s polluted with unforgiveness, pride, sexual sin, etc.  Catching my attention was what the teacher called “acceptable” sins. Our old nature keeps popping up, and we accept it as “that is just the way I am."  

Before moving forward, we must remove all hindrances to God’s power working in our life.

3. The Blood Sacrifice Must Always Remain Central (Joshua 5:10-11)

 "On the evening of the fourteenth day of the month, the Israelites celebrated Passover." Passover celebrated God's provision and protection. The people smeared lamb’s blood on their doorposts to recall the final plaque back in Egypt when the firstborn of their oppressors died while their own children lived. God had declared, “When I see the blood, I will pass over you. No destructive plaque will touch you when I strike Egypt.” (Exodus 12:13)

Today: Only the blood that Jesus shed on the cross shields us from the judgment of God for sin, and puts us in right standing with Him. This is why we take communion.


And so it was, for the next few weeks, I camped out at Gilgal.  It was a time when the Holy Spirit revealed things He wanted me to do in each step before moving forward.

What about you?

1. Do you hear the Lord whispering, “You are out of The Wilderness?”

2. Do you think it is time to make a stop at Gilgal?

To be continued------

Seal The Portals Of Hell by Lynn Donovan

Close the PortalsFriends,

Well I think we are going to have to return to the study of the Trinity in the early part of 2021. Because there just seems to be so much to cover that the Lord is revealing right now.

Today, I want to share what I believe the Lord is asking me to do. And asking you to do.

Let’s start with our current culture. We, at least here in the United States, we are facing some very ugly and ungodly belief systems, corruption, fear, riots, hatred, division and an unprecedented assignment to distort identity. This culture shift is absolutely straight out of the bowls of hell.

So, two things, today I want to share something from my prayer time that occurred a few years ago. And I’m asking you to go into your prayer closet and seek the same thing. Next post, I’ll talk about the blessing we need to release in this current season.

Most of you know that I begin every morning with a strong cup of coffee, my Bible, a journal and a pen. I used to bring my cell phone in with me but found it quickly distracted me, and then off I would go reading stuff other than the Word of God. And my mind became distracted and turned away from effective prayer.

NO LONGER. Every morning, I brew my coffee, place my cell phone on the kitchen counter and head for my prayer room without it. THIS is what I consider offering God my “first fruits.” You shall give him the first fruits of your grain, your new wine, and your oil, and the first shearing of your sheep. —Deuteronomy 18:4

While praying and in conversation with Father, I just happened to ask him, “Are there portals open in this valley where I live?” I heard the Lord respond that, indeed, there were.

Immediately I could see several large open holes in the ground in a few locations in our valley. Hellish portals are opened and empowered through witchcraft or sin in the area.

I began to pray. I took on the regal robe that I received, I wrote about what this looks like in MAJ. I began to release a decree to close the portals and seal them shut. I prayed aloud, with authority and with faith.

I then saw a vision of a large metal cover come up out of the ground and cover the opening. The size of the opening was about 10 feet by 10 feet and it was round. The thick cover arose vertically from the ground and them SLAMMED down with a reverberating thud over the cavern. With the lid in place, I then saw giant metal chains, dark in color arise from four sides, north, south, east and west from the ground around the cavern. The giant chains rose up with a metal clanking, reverberating sound and were adjoined in the middle seamlessly.

Wild I know. This vision had sound and color and I could feel the ground shake as I watched.

Then as if lightning struck the top, a warrior angel swooped down from heaven with sword drawn and stood on top of the sealed lid. This happened at each of the 4-5 openings that I saw in the valley. Each sealed with a lid, then the heavy changes and an angel then landed upon it. Whoa!

I had a knowing in my spirit that these angels were each assigned to keep the lid on the portal.

Okay, why am I sharing this? I want you to pray about the areas where you live. Take your authority and seal up the portals from hell.

Then next post, I’ll share what to do next. Okay, pray now and then share with me what the Lord reveals to you. Also, why do we want to seal these portals in our land?

Keep marching Warriors. WE MUST return this earth to the Lord and His dominion and blessing. It’s our mandate as His children.

Our Father in heaven,

hallowed be your name,

your kingdom come,

your will be done,
 on earth as it is in heaven.
—Matthew 6:9-10

Possess the Land: The Wilderness Years

By Martha Bush Wandering-in-wilderness-text

“Rise up!  I have set the land before you.  I yoke myself up with you, and the way that you go, I’ll be there to hold you up.  You are free!”

Just as Elizabeth felt something leap inside of her when told that she would have a baby in her old age, something leaped inside me when a prophet spoke those words to me. 

For years, I had been enslaved to hurts in my life and had dreams of walking in freedom. Physical problems, family relationships, stressed over unsaved loved ones, and finances were keeping me in bondage. I also had a deep yearning to become all God created me to be, yet something was missing. I knew all these desires lined up with God’s word, but it seemed as though my prayers were bouncing up against a brick wall as my enslavement continued year-after-year.

At last, it appeared as though it was all coming to an end with God’s instruction to “Rise up; the land was before me.”  Thus, I set out to possess my inheritance by proclaiming and declaring God’s promises to me every day. The joy that the manifestation of those desires was right at my fingertips reminded me of harvest time on my daddy’s farm. How well I recall what he would say when it was time for him to gather his crops. “Do not make any plans with me for the next few weeks; the crops are ready to be harvested, and if I don’t gather the crops now, all the seeds I have planted will be wasted. I will be working in the fields from sunup to sundown until the crops are gathered.” 

And that’s how I saw the prophetic words the prophet had spoken to me. Don’t be wasting time going here and yonder. Any moment now, those desires are going to become a reality and manifest themselves in your life.  Be ready!

However, much to my surprise, instead of things getting better, they got worse. I thought I was going to have an instant deliverance and live happily ever after. Often I’d cry out, “Where are you going Lord? Lay a quick healing and deliverance on me, and let’s get out of here!”  

Somehow it began to dawn on me that He was not taking me on a direct route to deliverance; He was taking a detour. That little detour landed me smack dab in the middle of The Wilderness, one of the most difficult times in my life.

 Needless to say, I didn’t know anything about The Wilderness, except what I had read in the Old Testament story of the Israelites and how their journey lasted 40 years. I shuddered to think that only two actually made it out because of their unbelief and complaining. I concluded that was the story of stiff-necked, hard-headed Israelites; it didn’t apply to me.  There was nothing unrighteous in my heart!! 

As weeks stretched into months and months stretched into years, and I had not arrived in The Promised Land, it finally became apparent to me that there was plenty in my heart that I had not even realized was there. My life literally became one test after another. With each new test, it triggered things in my heart that God was extracting like a decayed tooth. 

As I look back upon that time, I made some interesting discoveries. Probably the most important discovery that I made was learning what “The Wilderness Is” and what “The Wilderness Is Not.”

To my surprise, The Wilderness is not a place where land is possessed. It is not a place where desires and dreams are manifested.

 The Wilderness is: 

  • a place of transition from our old thoughts and patterns of responding
  • a place where fleshly attitudes are transformed
  • a place of shaking out all the impurities in the heart
  • a place where a relationship with God is formed
  • a place that says “God, you are all, nothing else matters, nothing else will work
  • a place where total trust has to be built in God.

Thankfully, one thing I did possess in The Wilderness was a new identity and that identity was a knowing of who I was in Jesus Christ. In her book, Marching Around Jericho, Lynn devotes a chapter to the importance of knowing our Identity in Christ and His purpose for us. (pg. 57)

It appears as though a trip through The Wilderness cannot be avoided for any of us who pursue the heart of God. The journey of the Israelites fascinates me. I believe it is a story that applies to all people who are serious about having their hurts healed, their dreams fulfilled, and being a vessel in God’s hands to bring light into a fallen world. 

In fact the Bible says: Now these things happened to them as examples, and they were written as a warning to us, on whom the ends of the ages have come. So, whoever thinks he stands must be careful not to fall. (1 Corinthians 10:11-12 HCSB)

For the next few posts, I would like to share some thoughts with you on Possessing the Land - - that land on the other side of The Jordan River that the new generation of Israelites came to dwell in– the land of the supernatural!


In the comments, how about sharing your wilderness story.


October - What To Expect

image from www.spirituallyunequalmarriage.comAs you know I've learned over the years to expect God's new assignments to arrive in the month of October. So today, I'm reminding you to take notice of what is different. 

Take notice of new opportunities. Don't lose moments that arrive that point to new future's, new ministry, new relationships. 

For me, I noticed a few things already. For years, I rarely remember my night-time dreams. In the past week, I remembered two. They were interesting in that they were dreams that were consecutive in events. They were weird and like a warning, both of them. So, this year I decided to steward my dreams. So, I wrote them down. 

Stewarding your night time dream life is a way to listen to the Lord. And your stewardship usually is rewarded by more dreams and more communication from heaven through your night time life.

Also, I am currently looking at writing another book. It's merely a possibility that I'm looking at. It's a book about a subject that isn't written about in Christian circles. Weird. So, I'm waiting on the Lord about that.

I'm also listening and remaining keenly aware of anything else the Lord may be sending my way.

Okay, what have you noticed since Yom Kippur? See you in the comments. Lynn