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From the Prayer Annals

Where Does Death and Fear Hide?

A few days ago, I was driving home and across the street and down a couple of houses, I came face-to-face with Death and Fear. 

Take a look....

Death fear

There they were staring straight at me. And all I could think is, this 12-foot-tall representation of the ministry of satan, is no longer in hiding. Death, the skeleton, is prevalent everywhere. 

And fear... Look at this beast. Also 12 foot tall. Did you know its eyes light up at night? Sheesh. No wonder so many live in perpetual fear and affliction. These characters are now standing in the shadows in every neighborhood. And not just on Halloween.

They loom large and have real consequences. I pray with so many who are wrapped in fear. Let's push back against death and fear.

Everything about our Father is LIFE! And Jesus came to give LIFE and abundantly. We must speak life into our lives, our bodies, our relationships and communities.

Bless with life. Rebuke Death and Fear.

So, I rebuke these two characters every time I drive by this house. I hope to drive by soon and see one of both, face down on the ground. Just because some 5'4" blonde lady prayed. 

I would laugh with glee. 

Happy fall. Life in Life. Blessings and hugs, Lynn

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