In The In-between... A Rare and Holy Moment
Healing!! Guest post by Destiny Parten

Partner With the Holy Spirit

Hi Everyone,

Well FINALLY! After three years of waiting, the downloads for my next book began arriving last week. If you are interesting tin the gifts of the Spirit, then this book is for you. I can't wait to spend time writing.

I'm also speaking this weekend at my church's women's retreat. I can't wait as I'm teaching about one of my favorite topics, our authority in Christ.

So, I remain busy. But I started to think about what teaching do I have on video that I can share here. And actually, there is a lot. So today, I'm sharing another video teaching from my archives. I pray it blesses you. 

Pray for our retreat. I'll be speaking on Friday morning, September 30th. Also remember Rosh Hashana is next Monday. New beginnings. Believe and receive. In Jesus name. Love you, Lynn


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