Thrive Ministry Update
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Thrive Ministries Update

Hi Everyone,

Two months flew by. And my sabbatical was fantastic. I hosted a ton of company. And still more are arriving in August. My granddaughters were here a couple of weeks ago. The laughter and adventures never stopped!!!

While walking down to the river my youngest granddaughter and my dog, Gracie, nearly stepped on a rattler! Yikes. I picked up Avery and threw her out of the way. One handed throw down. She skinned her hands and knees, and I nearly threw Grace into next week trying to keep them from the snake!

We went to a candy factory, swam in the pool, they drove the golfcart. (shhhhhh, no telling *grin*) and went fishing. 

We had a great time. And I have a million more stories about our niece and the 4th of July parade. Let me tell you this. She scored more candy from the 4th of July than she'll ever receive trick-or-treating.

We have a good Father!!!  I'm so utterly thankful.


I still need more time to settle in. So, the team has decided we will continue to write to you and share what the Lord is teaching us but it will be a bit more sporadic. I'll post when I feel urgency and I have a lesson to share.

However, I remain crazy busy. So over the next several days I'll share what teaching I'm offering and how to tune in. Thanks for sharing my life and joy. Thank you for loving Jesus and others. I love you deeply Lynn

Photos from some of my sabbatical:






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