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Key Attribute of the Philadelphia Company

Glorious Church LDMThe letters to the various churches in Asia were written to specific churches that existed after Pentecost. Many of these churches were born out of persecution. And developed through the letters from the Apostles and Paul’s teachings. They are ALSO a prophetic reflection of the churches today. I love the Word of God. There is such depth and layers upon layers of truth.

All of these churches were doing good. Yet, in each one, Jesus found an area of change that was needed, except the Church in Philadelphia. Interesting!

I’m convinced this Fellowship of the Philadelphia Church is born out of persecution. Ugh!

I’m finding that over the past three years so many believers have suffered tremendous opposition. In the past twelve months, opposition, struggle, pain has increased for everyone who is a sold-out believer in Christ. Report after report, the pain, the disappointment, THE UNEXPECTED!

All of the Church is walking through this. Can I get an amen?

I’m in the middle of the wilderness! AGAIN! There are days I ask, “Lord, what?” I mean really. Living with in-laws, Mike’s cancer journey, can’t find a home right now, etc. These are life-altering events. And for us, they happened all at the same time.

I’m not alone. You could share your heartbreaks as well.

BUT, when you step back from the chaos and sit with the Father, there is peace to be found. There is hope. We have a future. AND WE KNOW WHERE WE ARE HEADED.

Imagine with me, there before us is the Lord Jesus. His smile is brilliant and speaks to our heart with acceptance, love, and honor. He has walked through the fire with us. His steady hand at our back throughout the waves of persecution and desperation. He held us when we couldn’t walk. He took our doubt, pain, and fear and spoke beauty, wholehearted love, and a peace that surpasses all understanding.

He is the Head of the Church and reigns NOW and forever! The Philadelphia Company is born out of our desperation.

It’s our desperation that has led to the very hour. Next time, I’ll share more about how desperation is a key in the Kingdom. It will blow your mind.

My friends, today, add your name to the Heavenly Roll Call. Decree today your name is written in the Book of Life and appears upon the Scroll- The Philadelphia Company. In the comments add your name and let’s let all heaven see we are signing up and signing on for our mission in these Days of the Church.

I adore you. Keep Marching. Remain Desperate. See you in the Comments.


Jesus is King!

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