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Prepare Your Heart for Thanksgiving with Uncle Obnoxious

Cancer - Thanksgiving - Faith

Imported Photos 00006In America we are approaching one of my favorite holidays, Thanksgiving. And this year so many things will be different.

Last week I shared our moving update. Please read it. There is a lesson here for everyone who faces disappointment. Click here or scroll down.

This Thanksgiving, I will still roast a turkey at my Father-in-laws home. The family is flying or driving in from all over. It will be a crowded house with lots of family. Laughs and tons of turkey. The bird weighs 23 pounds. Say what?

My daughter, Caitie, has surpassed my skills and will be mashing about 10 pounds of potatoes. I’ll tell you this she makes BEST MASHED POTATOES IN CALIFORNIA. REALLY!

But this year my Tablecloth of Thanks is packed away in storage someplace in So Cal. The moving van will follow up once we find a new home.

And here is the rest of the story.

As we were leaving Southern California, we received the call that Mike, my husband’s, recent colonoscopy found cancer.

Ya, not a word you want to hear.


Within a week we lost our new home, security, health and what felt like my Promised Land was stolen away. I cried a lot, as I mentioned in my post last week.

It’s interesting to uncover your TRUE faith when you face one major stress event, but we faced three within two weeks. (Move, illness, living with in-laws 😊)

I found out I really ONLY need Jesus. I have my faith and if everything else is stripped away, NOTHING, not hell itself, can take away my love and relationship with my Father, Christ, and Spirit.

So for the foreseeable future, Mike and I will remain in Sacramento, California for his treatment. We have great insurance in California and this is the right thing to do for now.

In the mean time, I HAVE DISCOVED THANKFULNESS at an entirely new level. It’s my thankfulness that reorients my heart to joy. To hope. To our future. To health. How appropriate at this time of year.

I’m so very thankful for all of you. MORE than you know. I’m thankful you pray for us, for Mike.

I’m thankful for walks along the Sacramento river. Thankful for the geese that fly over honking. Thankful for the wild grapes I pick by the river for breakfast. Discovering walnuts that grow wild. I’m using them in my Thanksgiving stuffing.

I’m so very thankful that I am healthy today. I’m thankful to really know my faith can withstand. I’m thankful. I’m thankful to have you as my friends. As my brothers and sisters.



For those who have been asking, my new mailing address:
6501 Harmon Drive
Sacramento, CA 95831

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