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Moving Update- The Donovan Clan

My Warrior Friends,

Can I just tell you how much I love all of you who join me here at LDM. This is what eternity feels like. I moved, yet I've taken all of you with me. 

So here is the update. Our miracle house fell through due to some wild circumstances with the seller and a previous buyer. To say I was disappointed, is an understatement. And I cried for almost an entire week. That's because a number of other challenges all arose IN THE SAME WEEK. I faced some confusion and disappointment. Disappointment is my cross. I face this beast like many face depression or addictions. Sheesh.

But, I'm on the mend and have already seen the Lord's hand in the middle of so much of this crazy!

Currently, Mike and I have decided to stay with his dad in Sacramento through the holidays. We are finishing up a few things here that we need to finish and will be heading, once again, to the Great Pacific Northwest.

Walnuts (1)This is what I've learned when you face great disappointment and confusion in the chaos of the the unexpected. 

  • Even if you are experiencing a crisis of faith and future, determine to believe in the goodness of God.
  • Turn to a good friend(s) who can pray you forward. They will raise you up and surround you with such fire and faith it will see you through.
  • Turn to Thankfulness. In this delay of entering my Promised Land, I stopped to enjoy what surrounds me here. In Sacramento right now the trees are brilliant in color. It rained here for 24 hours straight. I haven't been in that kind of rain since ..... as long as I can remember. I discovered three walnut tress along the Sacrament river where I now walk-n-pray. I picked up some of the raw nuts and am going to roast them. Until this week, I'd never seen a live walnut tree or a raw unharvested walnut. It was pure joy to my soul.
  •     When I practiced to purposeful thankfulness, it changed my outlook, instilled hope and brought joy to my heart. TRULY!
  • Allow yourself to feel the "feels" and apologize when you need to verbally process on someone: Mike ( I love that guy)
  • Return to ministry. Whatever that is whatever it looks like. I had my first ministry prayer session on Monday. It was brilliant and beautiful and as Jesus healed my prayee, He healed me too.

You will bounce back and see the brilliance that surrounds you, the love of God and you will walk in His hope. 

During this crazy week of delays the following devotional popped up on my FB feed memories. I WROTE IT. Who knew that I would need it. I pray as you read the words, that whatever is delayed in your life is set in motion by our Great King!

I love you. See you next week.

Peace In The Secret Place

Fear not, for I am with you; Be not dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, Yes, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.
ISAIAH 41:10

My child, ask of me your questions. Dare, through childlike innocence, to bring before me your confusion and doubts. Express your frustration and don’t conceal the disappointment that is hidden in the cleft of your heart. Bring forward the pain of delay and reveal it to The Light.

Ask me of the challenging uncertainties you face and the why of it all. Ask the questions you dared not speak. Seek the answers with honesty and diligence. Compare your ponderings to my Word. Ask yourself, “Why isn’t my life aligning to the truth that is revealed in the Word?” Ask then, “What lie am I believing about myself or God?”

The lie of delay is a device of my enemy and NOT of my hand. Pain is the enemy’s tool to sideline you from life, to isolate, and release hopelessness. Fear is the weapon of choice of the evil realm to steal your voice, purpose, decimate your faith, and destroy your family.

It is my great pleasure to reveal the truth of your circumstances. I am a good Father. Delay, pain, confusion, fear—these are NOT of my Kingdom. These are devices of evil.

Today, I implore you, my child, bring me your unanswered questions. Carry to me the disappointment of lost hopes, broken relationships, and your unanswered pain. Enter into the secret place and release the questions, cloaked in a lie.

Seek the truth with all of your heart. When you seek me with all of your heart, you will find me, the answers you seek, and every good gift from a Father who loves you. When you seek me, the questions in your heart become the mountains that move upon my command.

I AM the answer.

I AM the truth. I AM your good Father.

Lord, I receive the truth that you are my good Father and have good for me and all that I carry in my heart. I will share my questions right now, Father. Please grant unto me revelation to know how you are moving in these areas. Release your peace upon all my concerns and move with power to bring about your perfect will in each one. In Jesus’ mighty name I pray. AMEN

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