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Testimony of My Supernatural Healing - Lynn Donovan

image from www.spirituallyunequalmarriage.comOkay, let’s pick up the story from Friday.

If you remember, I receive a prayer for healing in my medically proven, MRI, backed up images, injured wrist.

So, as I awaited my surgery date that was about two months away, I began to notice strength was returning to my wrist. And after chatting with a few friends at church, I called my doctor and said, let’s put off surgery. I think that I may only need physical therapy now.

So, surgery was cancelled for the time being and my first PT appointment was set for early January.

My friends, as the new year dawned, I realized that I no longer needed PT. My wrist was at 100%. Fully restored, just as strong and I was absolutely and completely healed. I called my doctor and cancelled all PT appointments. Hallelujah.

What is interesting about my healing is this: It was a process. It was a process physically and it was a process of my faith. And I find so much about Jesus and His healing is a process because He wants to teach us a great deal throughout our process.

If you need healing, find someone to pray with you. Sign up for a prayer session. Go to your local healing rooms. Meet me at Open Heavens this fall.

OR simply ask Jesus and continue to ask. He is so good and He came to heal us of all our afflictions.

Okay, in the next post, let’s look at the general barriers that block supernatural healing.

Where do you need healing. Type it in the comments and say: Jesus, it is written that you heal. I declare you are healing _____________ right now. In Your powerful name, Jesus. AMEN

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