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Jesus Heals June 2021Barriers to healing and divine health

Friends, recently the Lord has been speaking to me about praying for healing. I was listening to someone on Sid Roth who said this (my summary). When I feel I’m facing something scary, I press into it instead of move away.

Whoa. Instantly I knew this was a word for me. This is for me because I sometimes sense fear when I’m praying for healing. Not for myself necessarily, because I pray healing over myself all the time and experience divine healing. However, I didn’t realize how much fear lurks in the back of my mind when praying for others.

Well, that is until recently. The Lord brought to mind a recent prayer session where I believed for healing without fear. It was wild what happened.

I was in the process of joining a Zoom call to pray for a young man. As the screen opened up this brilliant young man was experiencing pain in his leg. Immediately, my spirit knew Jesus was going to heal him. I began to pray immediately and released healing. Commanding fear to leave and Jesus to touch and heal the leg. I could almost see an angel standing by the boy and healing the leg.

I instinctively KNEW that healing was happening. I happened incredibly fast. I hadn't finished praying. Yet, I just knew, that I knew, that I knew in my knower, Jesus was healing this boy of the pain in his leg.

And indeed, the pain subsided and we then began our prayer time.

The revelation from Jesus to me through this is: NO FEAR. I had absolutely no fear in this situation. No false responsibility that I often (in error) place on myself that I’m somehow responsible for healing or the lack thereof. I do this to myself a lot. My position was absolute confidence that Jesus was touching him.

And He did! Period. The end.

So in this season I'm praying with intentionality to remove all fear about healing and all doubt. I choose to believe, anticipate and expect with complete confidence that Jesus is healing.

Interestingly, when I commanded fear to leave, I could literally feel fear depart. Whoa. And double Whoa.

What is fascinating is supernatural healing occurs in an instant. It happens extraordinarily quick. I remember watching my left leg grow out in a moment. If you blinked you would have missed it. But before my very eyes, it stretched a tiny bit to match the length of my other leg. It's wild to be a part of the Kingdom of God. Never a dull moment!!! *grin*

So, if we desire to pray for healing we must hear what the Father is doing and partner with Jesus. We should pray for instant healing and expect it but also move forward into divine healing and health as a process. Without intimacy with the Lord, we can’t navigate the healing process for ourselves and others.

Everything is centered in our intimate relationship with God.

Okay, next session: Barriers to healing: A prayer we all need. Love you, Lynn

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