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Jesus Heals June 2021Lynn Here!

Today, I’m overwhelmed by how many of my brothers and sisters in Christ are facing physical, health challenges. As of today, I’ve lived in Divine health for a number of years however, I am seeing a potential issue arising as I head into an appointment to find out more about a suspicious bump.

SO, I’m here to walk along all of you who are walking into health. It’s a weird place to KNOW what you know about healing. To grasp and BELIEVE what Jesus modeled for us in supernatural healing, and yet to face challenges to our physical body.

So, I want to talk about this issue and meander down this path as we uncover truth and find out how to walk through health challenges.

Firstly, I absolutely believe in Divine Health. I’m convinced that living a healthy and LONG life is our inheritance, and is our original design. This is where we must start. We must believe it is ours to have.

I grieve for all the believers who think God would give them disease so that they would turn to prayer or for some other reason. A GOOD Father doesn’t do that. But, disease and illness can creep in and God will work in it, around it and use it. That is a certainty.

So, the first thing I think I want to do is say this: NO CONDEMNATION. If you are sick of feeling shamed because you know you believe in healing and your healing hasn’t arrived, remove the shame. I will not shame you. After all, I’m right there with all of you. The longer I work in deliverance ministry the more I see how complex the spiritual world becomes and the gazillion ways the demonic entrap people.

We are going to just work through things we know. We will look to Jesus. We will lean on testimony as testimony means….. do it again. We will BELIEVE.

I feel compelled today to pray for healing. For my own and for yours. If you need healing in your physical body, I want you to leave a comment. Or email me at lynn at email me.

Tell me what is going on. How long you have battled with this. Where you are in your belief and how you are praying for your healing right now, today.

I WILL PRAY for you. I may even call you (if I have time).

I believe the Lord is pushing me onto this path because a wave a healing is coming and we are in the training grounds.

SO, WHO IS WITH ME? Sign in and say, I’m with you, Lynn

I love you all. Believing for our healing, Lynn

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