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Forgive Me. AND What Is Iniquity Force?

Kingdom Life BibleYa, so last Friday's post was harsh. I didn't mean for the words to come across harsh or accusatory in any way. 


Jezebel is an evil that is brutal and demands blood. However, if I hurt anyone by mentioning abortion, that was not my intention. Please forgive me. Jesus has forgiven a torrent of my past and abortion is under His blood. In fact, it's a joy for me to pray with people and watch Jesus redeem an abortion. If you want to experience that, please email me and let's plan a time to make that happen.

I do want to share some more about Jezebel. But today, I want to talk about Jesus!

Everything about the demonic world stems from iniquity. There is an iniquity force at play in the world right now at a level I haven't seen in my lifetime. And it is iniquity that opposes Jesus. 

What is iniquity anyway? Well, the simplest way to explain it is: SELF 

Self-interest, self-desires, self-indulgence, self-driven. It is the sin of self. This is the very sin that cast satan from the Kingdom of Yahweh.  In the word the 7 - I WILL's are the essence of iniquity:

Isaiah 14:13-14  For you [Lucifer] have said in your heart:

  1. I will ascend into heaven, 
  2. I will exalt my throne above the stars of God; 
  3. I will also sit on the mount of the congregation In the sides of the north;
  4. I will ascend above the heights of the clouds, 
  5. I will be like the Most High.

Anton LaVey, the author of the satanic bible, also propagates a life of self. He died alone, destroyed all of his marriages, relationships and now I imagine is impounded in the worst circle of hell.

So what is iniquity? It is a force that feeds the demonic realm. It is rebellion, lawlessness, sexual sin, violence and all forms of the occult. It opposes all that Yahwey is. Twice the Lord has shown me what iniquity looks like in the spiritual realm. It's a thick inky blackness that consumes all it touches. It blackouts minds, hearts and destroys everything. 

I saw iniquity one night as I prayed. The Lord showed me a picture of my husband in the other room watching television. After hours of watching, which is common, the black inky substance began to leak out of the bottom of the screen. It's slowly moved toward my husband who watch the images, in mindless control, on the set. As it moved, it began to cover my husband with a warmth of seductions. It grew hands and arms and began to massage him. It was subtly coving him with perversion and deceit.

Ugh. Gulp.


Ugly. This is why I take such a position about screens and time on the screens. They are portals that will allow a darkness you can't see but is very real.

Okay, I need to end here. Next post, I'll share about the other time I saw iniquity and the implication. AND I'll also share how iniquity is defeated. I'll give you a hint: Jesus.

Okay, Thoughts? See you in the comments.

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