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The Secrets of Leviticus

Kingdom Life BibleThe Secrets of Leviticus

Seriously!!!  Leviticus.

Gang, sometimes I can’t hardly wait to wake up and open my Bible and read the Old Testament because I’m learning from those ancient, brilliant, books more right now than in the last twenty years.


Let me ask you a question. Have you ever heard of a Salt Covenant?


Me either! (DANGIT)

But I’ve read the Bible for years. So have you. Why is this a mystery and it’s such a powerful covenant and we have been robbed of this gift for generations. Grrrrrrr. That makes me so mad at the devil. Grrrrr and double grrrrr.

Okay, open up the Word. Seriously, you MUST read out of a paper Bible. 

Turn to Leviticus 2:13 

Season all your grain offerings with salt. Do not leave the salt of the covenant of your God out of your grain offerings; add salt to all your offerings. NIV

Right here in the middle of the Torah is a powerfully important covenant. And if you remember the LORD has instructed me to ask Him questions when I don’t understand something.

So, “Father, what is a salt covenant?”

I pulled out a new Bible that I purchased over a year ago, One New Man Bible. This is a translation from the original Hebrew, Greek and contains many, many notes about the cultural norms as well as how the Hebrew would render a passage.

I looked up this passage and found the original Hebrew translated this passage as: And you will season with salt every offering of your grain offering. Neither will you permit the salt of the covenant of your God to be lacking from your grain offering; with all your offerings you will offer salt.

Okay, this follows a verse that will punch you in the face about First Fruits. (I also talk about this in the Intimacy Seminar.)

But back to the Covenant of Salt.

I think I may offer an entire series on the covenants. Covenants are powerfully meaningful to God. I mean it!!!! Covenants are the highest promises. There are conditional and unconditional covenants. A Salt Covenant is conditional.

I looked up the Salt Covenant in my new Bible and it’s rendered like this:

I shall cut a covenant of salt with you.

Gang, to hear the LORD speak these words. They come with power, force, reckoning, responsibility and with purpose.


Okay, friends, salt is mention many times in the Word and even Jesus speaks about the importance of salt. He was well aware of the salt covenant during His ministry on earth.



So, as I sat pondering and asking God what is a Salt Covenant, I realized salt is portrayed as a preservative. It extends life.

This covenant is a covenant of longevity.

So, I sat in awe as the Lord revealed to me that this is a Covenant that remains available to believers today. Wow.

And then a thought and a question formed in my mind and this is what I asked of Father…….

........To Be Continued following Easter.....

On Friday, I'm offering a video about the crucifiction. You will see Good Friday with new eyes. 

Then on the following Friday, let's learn more about the covenant of Salt. Une in because the story becomes crazy, wild, fun and astonishing from here.

Love you all. March toward our King and LIVE the Kingdom life. Hugs, Lynn

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