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The Missing Ingredient To Answered Prayer

Psalm 27 13 lynndonovan comHey Kingdom People!

This morning I sat with the Lord and He told me, “Lynn, get up and dance with Me.”

That's weird. This hasn't happened before????

I rose and slow danced, like a waltz in the arms of Jesus. Then the Father stepped in and I wrapped my arms about His neck and rocked back and forth like a small girl standing on her dad’s feet, wobbling to-and-fro. Then the Holy Spirt swirled in and wrapped around us. All four of us, Father, Son and Spirit and me were dancing in my prayer room, all at the same time.

This is intimacy my friends. This is where we step into the divine and have the ear of God.

It' might make you uncomfortable to read this and even more uncomfortable to think about dancing with God yourself. I know one thing, the Kingdom will make you uncomfortable before you are led into joy and Shalom.

What I find is that most of us won’t pursue God to this point of uncomfortable. Then we wonder why He doesn’t hear our prayers.


Most of you are aware that I have a prayer ministry (Healing prayer, click here for appointment) and a significant portion of a prayer session is dedicated to establishing intimacy between my prayee and Jesus. Just accomplishing an intimacy connection will take up to an hour because there is so much blocking trust, love, and intimacy.

I can’t express enough that connection and intimacy births answered prayer. My friends, I’m not talking at you. Truly! I’m speaking to myself.

In the last two months the devil has thrown everything he had at me. Circumstances in my 3-D existence on earth drew me out of intimacy into the realm of merely surviving the onslaught of demonic attack. I had to FIGHT to return to the place of light and joy. I didn’t know for a tiny bit if I would make it.

But yesterday, I stepped fully back into the place of intimacy and joy. I phoned my mom, “Mom, the world is a place of light and joy.”

I know many of you are walking through tremendous suffering. It’s truly a satanic, witchcraft assault upon believers and especially any who serve the Kingdom in any capacity. Let me be a voice to say, “Cling to the fringe of His robe.”

That’s what my 81-year-old mom said to me for weeks. (I love my mom’s faith.)

I’m so glad she did.

And now, I’ll say it to you, “Cling to the fringe of His robe.” He will not leave you, nor forsake you. And you will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.

I remain confident of this: I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. —PSALM 27:13

Question: Would you be interested in attending a Zoom seminar where I teach several tools and techniques to establish intimacy and learn to perceive His voice? $25 for a 1-2 hours Zoom session. Would this be worth it?

Let me know in the comments.

My friends, as long as there are believers on this planet, IT IS a place of light and joy. I promise. I love you, Lynn

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