How Did We Arrive Here????
Society and The Church: Part 1

God said: DO THIS!

1 John 3 8 Lynn DonovanHello Fellow Sojourners,

2021 has started off with tremendous emotions: Fasting, revelation, so many people are very ill, and we are in the midst of a war and turmoil in our nation. And I fear the turmoil isn’t over.

Last week I spent hours in prayer. Sleepless, hours processing all of it with the Lord. His voice has amplified and become even clearer in this hour. I’ve taken so much before the Lord asking for His direction and wisdom. And I believe He has provided me with a clear direction for this current season. I’m to remain focused on this singular mission and never waiver until He redirects. If he redirects.

In light of the censorship that is now upon us, I asked the Lord should I continue to share what I intended about SRA and all that I have learned about the luciferin agenda. I have a concern that my hosting platform will close me down and this affects all the online ministries. I cannot put SUM in jeopardy of closure. With all this in mind….

I asked Father, “What is my mission for this year?”


Then He reminded me that for the past several years that is exactly what I’ve been doing. And I’m powerful and effective to help people through my prayer and coaching sessions. He also then reminded me that the teaching I’ve provided through the books, blogs, the video and field guides have truly brought greater freedom, awareness, and helped many to draw closer to Him.

He then told me to keep teaching about Him. So that is what I will continue to write about. Because it’s impossible to exhaust the exploration of His unending character and personality. I will continue to write about our Father, Jesus and Spirit, the angelic, demonic and numerous other aspects of the spiritual realm.

I am troubled, however, that I feel blocked about sharing publicly what I have learned. But, in our current world-wide trauma, there remain many who just aren’t ready to hear. I’m considering offering a closed course through Zoom for those who are truly interested. I will wait upon the Lord about this. Email me privately if you are interested.

I will continue to believe we live in one of the most exciting times in human history. We must remain steadfast in our faith and refuse to listen to the lies. Now it’s more critical than ever to line up your life with the Word of God. The Word MUST dwell within you. His voice must guide you. And His love will keep you in perfect peace.


Thoughts? Living in faith and belief here on planet earth, Lynn

Future posts:

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  • What are principalities? How they move, rule and how to displace them.
  • How do we engage the angelic for assistance?
  • What is a sexual spirit?
  • What are open doors?
  • Closing the open doors permanently
  • Prayers that tip the scales in heaven
  • God’s smile
  • Jesus and healing
  • The Holy Spirit fire
  • How to hold a sword of fire
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