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October - What To Expect

image from www.spirituallyunequalmarriage.comAs you know I've learned over the years to expect God's new assignments to arrive in the month of October. So today, I'm reminding you to take notice of what is different. 

Take notice of new opportunities. Don't lose moments that arrive that point to new future's, new ministry, new relationships. 

For me, I noticed a few things already. For years, I rarely remember my night-time dreams. In the past week, I remembered two. They were interesting in that they were dreams that were consecutive in events. They were weird and like a warning, both of them. So, this year I decided to steward my dreams. So, I wrote them down. 

Stewarding your night time dream life is a way to listen to the Lord. And your stewardship usually is rewarded by more dreams and more communication from heaven through your night time life.

Also, I am currently looking at writing another book. It's merely a possibility that I'm looking at. It's a book about a subject that isn't written about in Christian circles. Weird. So, I'm waiting on the Lord about that.

I'm also listening and remaining keenly aware of anything else the Lord may be sending my way.

Okay, what have you noticed since Yom Kippur? See you in the comments. Lynn

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