Jesus, Our Healer - Part I
Recusing Back Our Kingdom Identity From People Pleaser

Jesus Heals the Soul

Jesus Heals Kingdom Life LynndonovanAs we explore some of these aspects of Jesus healing in the scriptures, I want to take a look at one of the ways Jesus heals.

Many of you know that I pray with people through my online prayer ministry. Through this ministry I’ve discovered that the many illnesses people wrestle with are a result of wounds to the soul. So today, let’s gain an understanding as to how our Jesus heals the soul.

First, I think we need to appreciate that we are triune beings. Which I think is interesting when you realize that we are created in the image of God. Perhaps our reflection isn’t merely a physical reflection of God but that we have a triune essence as well. Ah, yet an extra topic for another day.

We are created as a spirit, with a soul that lives in a body. For me, it took me a while to come to grips with this reality. I don’t know why. But today I walk in wisdom as to how we function as a human through these three parts. Living in a 3-D world, we are fully aware we have a body. This is the physical holding temple designed so that we can interact and participate in the physical realm.

Our spirit, of course, is the spirit of the Living God, the Neshema (breath of God), within. This is what will return to God one day for those who are saved. I could teach at length on this aspect of our person, but I’ll save that for later as well.

The soul is a collection of our mind, our will, and emotions. I see it as the interface between our spirit and the physical realm. And frankly, it’s our soul that needs the most work. Truly, what happens in our soul impacts our body, our will, our mind, and especially our emotions. Our soul is where the spiritual and emotional wounds occur and also where the demonic gain legal ground.

I’ll share here that I’ve seen (in the spirit) a person’s soul that carries deep wounding. It looked like a giant, gaping hole in the middle of this person’s chest. It was bleeding, seeping with infection and I’ve seen souls that are corrupted by bitterness. THAT looks really nasty.

The soul is where the demonic will live and take up residence. They often gain legal rights into the soul though wounding from our childhood. A child often doesn’t know how to process trauma and without the guidance from a wise believer and the healing love and the blood of Jesus, they will carry these soul wounds around throughout their lives.


Once Jesus brings healing, which is a process for most, the trauma wound is healed and the demonic lose their legal rights and are kicked out. NOW there is a ton more to understand about this process and the dynamics. It’s taken me a number of years working with people and Jesus to find the nuances of healing. But I’m equipped with a number of fabulous tools and Jesus wants to heal more than I do. I partner with Him and the Holy Spirit and people find healing.

I will state clearly that soul wounds when left unhealed will over time begin to manifest in the body. And on top of that the demons will work within the wound to ADD to the physical illness. It’s a real mess. Illness results in the body from a soul wound.


In the Word of God we read about a miracle where Jesus heals the soul. And I want to share that with you next time. I think I’ve provided a number of aspects in this area to pray into and process with the Lord.

In your prayer time, ask Jesus about your Triune structure. Ask Him for revelation about the soul and how it affects the body, even the spirit. Ask Jesus to reveal more about how woundings happened in your life and ask Him to heal them.

I’ll see you next time with a fantastic example of Jesus healing the soul. Love you, Lynn

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