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The Spirit of Suicide

Ephesians 6 12This past week I felt so honored to be a guest on a number of radio shows that aired across the world. Humbled and truly honored and so thankful.

What was interesting to me is how diverse the interviews turned out to be. Although we were discussing virtually the same topic, wow, did the questions and content change from one interview to the next.

By the way, I’m always nervous.

Anyhoo, I recall thinking to myself during a few of these interviews and sharing with the host that one of the biggest areas of growth for me in my faith walk was discovering who my enemy is and how he operates. Up until my March Around Jericho, I was clueless about the demonic realm and therefore completely vulnerable to a significant amount of activity the devil meant to destroy me, my marriage and all that I love.

Today, let’s have a look at the demonic realm and shed some light, light that will devastate that realm. What’s interesting to me is that 1/3 of the ministry of Jesus was in this area. He continually delivered people from evil spirits. Just read through the Gospels and grasp how Jesus demonstrated deliverance and remember His words to us as disciples:

Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse those who have leprosy, drive out demons. Freely you have received; freely give. —Matthew 10:8

This is our mandate as believers!

I’ve written about our enemy, his game plan, and how we step out of his control in the book. Please, please read it. Page 91.

But today, I’m sensing the Lord asking me to write about what I know about a specific demonic spirit that afflicts so many and is increasing right now in our culture.

Let me ask you a question. Have you ever been driving in your car and feel an overwhelming feeling in your mind that you want to crash your car into a block wall?

Well let me tell you that you aren’t alone. In fact, millions of people have felt this way. In fact, years ago when I was learning about the enemy and his tactics, I was researching about the spirit of Death, Spirit of Cain, and the spirit of Suicide. I did some research and reading and this very question was asked of me. I’d never had this thought, but I decided to ask my then, teenaged daughter this question.

“Ya, mom, I have.”

I immediately shared with her that this was a spirit speaking to her. I explained, if you even one time, make an agreement in your mind that life isn’t worth living or you would be better off if you went on to heaven, you immediately gave the spirit of death a foot hold in your life. This is because you have entered into agreement with one of the three primary ministries of hell, kill, steal, destroy (John 10:10)

Yes, this doesn’t sound fair but I promise you my years of experience with this issue affirms it’s true. And getting rid of this spirit is very difficult. Until you hear and believe the truth about how this spirit works then recognize that you came into agreement with it, even if you don’t feel like cashing in your chips now, it has a legal right to remain and torment you with thoughts of death.

However, once you become aware, that spirit is weakened immediately. And all you must do is repent and come into agreement with Jesus who came to give us what????? Life and life abundantly (John 10:10) then you can command that spirit to leave and never return.

Finally, if it persists, you MUST persist and then get help with prayer if needed.

I asked my daughter a few years later about having these thoughts, “No mom, not once.”


Jesus freed people 2,000 years ago and He’s still doing it today. So, what do you think. This is hardcore teaching but as the church, we can’t remain ignorant of the devil’s schemes. So, what are your thoughts?

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